With only a few giftcards remaining from my San Diego Burger Week adventure, we made our way into Gaslamp Tavern. This downtown sportsbar has been open for over 10 years and also owns the upstairs Quad Alehouse "beer study hall". I believe our giftcard worked for both places but the upper floor was closed that night. We proceeded with the downtstairs Gaslamp Tavern menu.

Taco Tuesday with 2.50 tacos at Gaslamp Tavern in San Diego

For Taco Tuesday, you can order tacos for $2.50 each rather than the standard plate of three (single flavor) for $10.

We're slowly working through our giftcards from Burger Week and decided to hit up happy hour at Duck Dive in Pacific Beach. To avoid Friday traffic, we took a lovely yet roundabout drive through La Jolla scenic drive. This place has a view of the ocean from the patio and is only a few blocks down from Garnet Avenue. Sitting and relaxing in the patio area with our friends was so refreshing because of the cool ocean breeze along the building.

happy hour at Duck Dive

Happy hour is Monday through Friday between 3-6pm. Almost everything in the "snacks" menu section is $5 plus there were $5 drink specials! Pictured is the first round ordered.

Duck Fat Fries at Duck Dive

These Duck Fat Fries were addictive to me for some reason.

Henry's Pub - Cluckmoo

Today was the first day of San Diego Burger Week with $5 burgers! Using the handy burger week spreadsheet I made, we had four lunch options in downtown for a Friday. Burger Lounge was one of them but since there were multiple locations, I wanted to try something new in the area. We first stopped by Saltbox to try their ground lamb burger. Normally their burger is around $15 but unfortunately they weren't ready with ingredients yet until the afternoon! Fail. Since Henry's Pub had two different burger options, we walked four blocks down instead.