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Today was the first day of San Diego Burger Week with $5 burgers! Using the handy burger week spreadsheet I made, we had four lunch options in downtown for a Friday. Burger Lounge was one of them but since there were multiple locations, I wanted to try something new in the area. We first stopped by Saltbox to try their ground lamb burger. Normally their burger is around $15 but unfortunately they weren't ready with ingredients yet until the afternoon! Fail. Since Henry's Pub had two different burger options, we walked four blocks down instead.

Henry's Pub - Prince Harry

After getting seated, Dennis decided to order the Prince Henry. I think he was most interested in the house-made ginger infused bourbon part of it. There was a light ginger accent to it but nothing extraordinary.

Henry's Pub - The Burger

It took a little while but we finally got some food. The Burger, very nondescriptly named, was simple ingredients done right. It consists of an 8-ounce prime all natural ground beef patty on a lightly toasted brioche bun with american cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and red onions. There was also a nice charbroil taste to it. The patty itself was actually two pieces cooked together which we noticed when we bit into it. The brioche had that beautiful criss cross toastiness. There was also a side of thousand island type dressing which we didn't need. Normally this burger would come with fries but for this promo, there was only a pickle. Fries on the side cost about $6 so we skipped those. Heck, we could get another BURGER for that price!

Henry's Pub - Cluckmoo

Suddenly, a shadow fell across the first burger and there appeared the Cluckmoo. It was HUGE, pretty much the first burger PLUS a fried chicken on top! This wasn't on the current menu so we were thinking it'd only be chicken but duh, cluck moo is a chicken and cow! The server told us that they'd soon be putting this fabulous burger on the new menus. Hooray!

Henry's Pub - Cluckmoo

The server told us to let it cool off a bit because it was very hot. The cheeses on both burgers were slightly oozing out. The chicken portion of the cluckmoo was very generous and filling. The breading was like chicken fried steak type rather than fried chicken and the tasty seasoning was also very remnant of yummy chicken fried steak. I worried about soggy buns here but the thicker brioche held up very well! It was already large so we didn't even add the tomatoes and lettuce sitting on the side! We didn't need to add anything to this burger either. Perfect as is.

This was a great start for burger week. I wonder if we'll gain weight by the end of it! I'm already eyeing some places in North Park that we want to try... Every other day wouldn't be so bad would it?

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Henry's Pub
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