King’s Hawaiian Bakery & Restaurant

Have you ever tried King’s Hawaiian bread? Well, did you know you can have it warm and fresh at their restaurant?

King’s Hawaiian Bread

We started off with some classic King’s Hawaiian Bread. Having it fresh was so much better than buying it at a supermarket. It was very soft.

Royal Platter

Royal Platter ($10.95) - this huge, plentiful platter offered samples of five of their menu items, which included teriyaki chicken and beef, Spam masubi, wings, and fried calamari. The teriyaki chicken was tasty and the jumbo-sized wings were crispy and delicious.

Won Ton Min

Won Ton Min ($7.75)

Saimin Teriyaki Chicken

Saimin Teriyaki Chicken ($7.65) - I thought the noodles were nice and thick. I didn’t realize that the Royal Platter came with the same teriyaki chicken. I should have ordered regular Saimin noodles. There was too much food for two people.

The bakery has assorted goodies, such as cakes, pies, cookies, and bread. As you can see, they were ready for Halloween!

Rolled Florentine and Chocolate Dipped Butterfly Cookie

I took home a Rolled Florentine ($1.30) and Chocolate Dipped Butterfly Cookie ($1.55). The Rolled Florentine was delicious! I bit into one end and to my surprise, it was filled with chocolate cream. The Butterfly Cookie was crisp and flaky. The desserts are reasonably priced.

They also have a cafe called “The Local Place” located at 18605 S Western Ave, Torrance, CA. (310) 523-3233. It’s a smaller and faster version of the restaurant featuring Porky Boy Sandwiches and authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice. I need to try that next! While I was in Kauai, I had Hawaiian Shave Ice with ice cream at the bottom and it was delicious! Sort of like creamsicles!

The service was very relaxed and friendly. There’s plenty of space… nice large booths. This was definitely a great casual dining experience!

King’s Hawaiian Bakery & Restaurant
2808 W Sepulveda Blvd
Torrance CA
(310) 530-0050

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