Extraordinary Desserts (Little Italy)

Extraordinary Desserts

This review is long over due. I think I went several months ago. This is the second Extraordinary Desserts. It is located in Little Italy and is larger than the Hillcrest location. There is a different feel. The atmosphere is more contemporary. The menu offers a wider selection than just desserts.

Kiwi Lemonade

Kiwi Lemonade ($4) - Dave says, “No big surprise. Pretty much lemonade with chunks of kiwi in it. Nothing spectacular.”

Turkey Breast Panini

Turkey Breast Panini ($10) - with smoked mozzarella, cranberry mayonnaise, and butter leaf lettuce. The turkey was moist, but the bread was too crunchy.

Serrano Ham Panini

I think this was the Serrano Ham Panini ($10) with buffalo mozzarella, balsamic onions, and red plum conserve.

Extraordinary Desserts

Extraordinary Desserts

Sorry, but I can’t remember which chocolate desserts these are either! But, I will say that every single dessert that I’ve had at both locations has been pretty good… very rich and decadent!

Extraordinary Desserts
1430 Union Street
San Diego CA 92101
(619) 294-7001

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