One of the places I love to eat in Eastside San Diego is Saigon on El Cajon Blvd. I’ve been to this restaurant with family and friends over the past few years and I’ve always walked out of here full, satisfied, and with a few bucks to spare in my wallet. whoo hoo!

Today I went with my friend Trang and her daughter, who have both never been here before. As we enter the restaurant, we are warmly welcomed by the waiters who are hustling about. Theres always a dozen or so customers sitting around here. Business is busy but there is always a full staff working around the clock to meet the demand.

Banh Uot

I tell them that my friends usually order the egg rolls here ($4.95) and some kind of broken rice dish. So I proceeded to ordered the egg rolls, which I suddenly had a craving for! And Trang ordered the Banh Uot with cha lua, thit nuong, bi, nem, etc.

Egg Rolls

The egg rolls are pretty good here and they are super filling. They are fresh and burning hot, straight from the deep fryer. I was only able to eat about three or so before I started getting full. Trang said that her entree tasted far better and came in a larger quantity than at the Bolsaa restaurant in Mira Mesa.

4455 El Cajon Blvd.
San Diego CA 92115
(619) 284-4215

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