Xooro container

Xooro...  premium Spanish fritters?  Sorry, but I disagree.  This little shop recently opened at the Westfield Shopping Center in Mission Valley.  While I was looking at their "products" on their website, I wanted to try one of their treats.  Each looked delicious.  When we got to their store, we discovered that some of the treats were already made.  I was expecting them to make it when I placed my order.  To me, it should have been warm, but instead, I got a cold Xooro.  The Triple Chocolate ($4.40) consisted of a chocolate filled regular fritter dipped in chocolate with chocolate sprinkles.  It tasted like a chocolate old-fashioned donut.  The chocolate filling was delicious.  The Berry Blast ($4.40) had raspberry filling and it was dipped in white chocolate with a strawberry drizzle.  This reminded me of a jelly donut.

Triple Chocolate and Berry Blast

I'd like to try them again, but next time, I'll order a regular fritter (The Original) with a simple filling ($3.XX).  These other creations are over the top and not worth the money.  And don't let the picture fool you.  The Xooro is smaller than the container.  I pulled them out a little bit to show what they looked like.

1640 Camino Del Rio N Ste 157
San Diego CA 92108
(619) 847-7862

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