I'm still struggling with work/life balance but I managed to get a few good eats this month. We also purchased a lightbox so that we could take photos in the evenings without the yellow glow of the kitchen lights. I think it is working out well so far! Anyway, check out Laura's post for the full linkup to What I Ate Wednesday (via Peas & Crayons)


I'm still terrible about eating breakfast daily but one weekend morning, I decided to finally make myself a healthy breakfast. And take pictures.

Acai Bowl with bananas, berries and granola

How to make Smoked Pulled Pork: tried and true method explained by Dennis at Oh-SoYummy

One of my favorite things to make is smoked pulled pork sliders. I don't make it that often because it takes quite a lot of time and supervision but it is well worth it. The methods described below is a culmination of techniques I have researched and learned from several forums as well as my own experiments through trial and error. What works for me may not work for others due to the design and material of each smoker box or the heat source such as charcoal, propane, or electric. I'll describe the technical parts of the smoking process that I follow but I will leave it up to you to modify as needed for your setup

Chef Evans of Roy’s Restaurant demonstrated to the crowd on how to make Japanese Misoyaki Butterfish at the Del Mar fairgrounds. His crew even prepared copies of the recipe for everybody who wants to try it out! Hooray!

Misoyaki Butterfish with Sizzling Soy Vinaigrette served on Bokchoy