fish shop

Living so close to the ocean, we're lucky to have fresh seafood within easy reach. Pacific Beach Fish Shop (or PB Fish Shop) provides both a local seafood market as well as a spot to grub on delicious fish. We arrived on a Saturday morning when they opened so there weren't any lines... at least not yet! PB Fish Shop even has its own parking lot to the west but that fills up even faster than the restaurant during the lunch rush hour!

menu board of fresh fish at The Fish Shop in Pacific Beach

I love the colorful chalkboard menu with pictures of the fish! What's even better is that they describe the tastes so picking one is hopefully a little easier. Most of these seafood options are available year round but they sub in specials here and there.

fresh fish at The Fish Shop in Pacific Beach

Here's the currently available selection of seafood at the shop. Those are nice cuts!

PB Fish Shop caters to a wide variety of palates since you can customize your order. The general process is to pick out your fish, your marinade, then the style of preparation (taco, salad, sandwich, plate).