banh mi

Cali Sandwich Stacked at 102 Hub in Mira Mesa

102 Hub opened about three months ago in the Plaza Sorrento Shopping Center (off Mira Mesa Blvd and Camino Santa Fe). Dennis and I were feeling incredibly hungry so we popped in to explore this local spot. We're slowly making our way to new places around the neighborhood including the recent San Diego Snowy Village and Gen Korean BBQ visits.

Walking in, we were surprised at how roomy the space was. To the left were multiple bar height tables, some bar seating on the opposite side, and a loungy area with couches.

Baguette Bros in Convoy

A few weeks ago, we had lunch at Baguette Bros in the Convoy area. This restaurant is run by three Vietnamese brothers who added a creative spin to the traditional Vietnamese sandwiches! I visited once prior but it was the first time for Dennis. We also met with our longtime friend... she was one of our writers during the early days of Oh-So Yummy! Being familiar with the process, she allowed us to take pictures but countered with a fast verbal countdown due to hunger!

menu for Baguette Bros in Convoy

Here is the full menu board at Baguette Bros. They only serve 7 fusion sandwiches (at the time of this post) so you'd have to go elsewhere for standard Vietnamese sandwiches like the Banh Mi Dac Biet! Maybe sandwich #8 should be a revamped "everything" sandwich! They also serve other non-traditional items such as loaded fries with pork belly/bulgogi or wings.