Puero La Boca in San Diego

We've only tried one Argentinian restaurant so far (Pampas Argentine Grill) so when a groupon popped up for another, Puerto La Boca, I immediately picked it up. Puerto La Boca is located in Little Italy along the busy India Street but is pretty close to the I-5 Hawthorn exit. The groupon stated that a reservation was required so I called about 2 hours ahead to set up a table for 4. We were joined by two good friends.

Puero La Boca in San Diego

Upon entering the restaurant, there's two dining areas, one to the left with a bar and piano area (pictured) and a dining area to the right. We were seated near the window in the regular dining area.

chimichurri, olives, and butter at Puero La Boca in San Diego

The first thing to come out was a complimentary appetizer with chimichurri, olives and butter, plus a sliced loaf of bread.

The lunch crew had mentioned that the nearby Pampas Grill served Argentine cuisine. It hadn't been chosen recently because the prices were a little higher for lunch. I was still curious about the food so I had Dennis meet me there for lunch one day. The restaurant is very close to the air field off Aero Drive, between I-15 and I-163 highway. Parking was easy and we were seated in the larger dining area complete with a stage for their occasional evening performances!

empanadas at Pampas Grill

The waitress mentioned that the empanadas here were good so we had to pick out several flavors! Pictured is the beef, chicken, cheese, and spinach empanada (2.75 each) but externally they look about the same! We cut those suckers open to see what was inside!