San Diego Food Truck Festival 2011 Recap

San Diego had its first Food Truck Festival at Del Mar on August 20 2011 from 12-6 and we just HAD to go! The non-food costs were $10 parking (unless you took the free shuttle) and $6 admission to the racetracks (or $3 if you sign up for the free Diamond Club membership for 18+). Once we got inside, we searched for signs of food trucks. And then we saw a sign...

San Diego Food Truck Festival 2011 - food trucks ahead sign

Yes, an actual food truck sign. Awesome! And yes, we followed it to join the flurry of curious and hungry people checking out the 40 unique trucks!

My friend had recommended these philippino tacos so I hit up the White Rabbit truck first. I decided I wanted the 3 taco option which had four meats to choose from: chicken adobe, pork sisig, beefsteak, and pork tocino. When I was almost at the window, I noticed that both porks were actually crossed out on the left side of the menu and it was only three hours in! Then right before I ordered, the cashier asked me to wait, then came back with one of my worst fears... they had just run out of chicken too!

San Diego Food Truck Festival 2011 - White Rabbit Truck menu leftovers

This is typical of food trucks... they run out of the good stuff fast!  Luckily the cashier said they just finished some orders and had some pork sisiq left so I ordered two of those and one beefsteak taco.

San Diego Food Truck Festival 2011 - White Rabbit Truck pork sisig and beefsteak tacos

White Rabbit - 3 tacos ($5)

pictured L to R: pork sisig with banana ketchup, beefsteak, pork sisig

I have to say that I really enjoyed these tacos and thought the banana ketchup gave the pork a nice finish.  The beefsteak reminded me a little bit of stirfry beef but in a good way, juicy and saucy.

San Diego Food Truck Festival 2011 - Dogzilla Truck #1 dogzilla dog

Dogzilla - Dogzilla Dog ($6)

A stranger was holding a beauty similar to this hot dog and my eyes lit up with jealousy! I headed to the source and ordered my own Dogzilla Dog. Dennis loved the pieces of bacon on it and the avocado made for a delicious sauce.  I'm not that big a fan of hot dogs but this was Hot dog Heaven!

San Diego Food Truck Festival 2011 - Miho Truck bloody mary burger

Miho Bloody Mary Burger ($8.25)

While I was getting the dogzilla, Dennis was in another line.  Even though Miho is a San Diego truck, it must have been SO GOOD that he bought one when there were so many other choices from out of town!  I concur after I took a bite!  Deliciousness and one of our favorites of the day.

San Diego Food Truck Festival 2011 - Bitchin Burger chipotle gouda burger

Bitchin Burger - Chipotle Gouda Burger ($8.50)

This was our last stop. I do have to say this was the absolute slowest line of any food truck: waited over 75 minutes to order (I swear only 20-25 people were ahead of me) and waited over 20 miuntes to get food. Halfway through the line, Dennis left and returned with some potato tornados from Tornado Potato. He had eaten half before I had a chance for a picture. Personally I rate the potatoes as average with a killer proft at $6 a pop.  Finally we got our burger.  I couldn't taste the gouda because it was mixed into the meat. Otherwise, a decent burger but not worth that long of a wait! Miho all the way!

San Diego Food Truck Festival 2011 - NomNom sold out

Here's the runner-up NomNom truck from the first season of The Great Food Truck Race... already sold out.  I couldn't help taking a picture because the owners are Vietnamese like me and banh mi is always good!  Every time we passed it earlier, the line was quite long!

It was almost 6 so we made our way to the exit... our stomachs full of food truck goodness. We'll be back next year for sure and arrive earlier!

2260 Jimmy Durante Boulevard
Del Mar CA 92014

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