Surati Farsan Mart

After I discovered this restaurant at one of our book club meetings, I've been raving about it! It's cheap, delicious and vegetarian!

I finally had a chance to return today and brought Dennis with me. After walking in, I got a bit confused because it was much larger with nicer dining tables/chairs than what I had remembered. It'd only been a month or two since my first visit and now this? One of the servers informed me that they had remodeled. Well done Surati because it looked great!

We ordered three of their popular items.

Surati Farsan Mart - Delhi Chaat

I had the Delhi Chaat ($4.25) the previous time too but thought it was so unique and enjoyable that I had to share it with Dennis. It's one of the 'cold' dishes but has a bit of sweet yogurt atop of some softer pastry-like chips. It also contains some diced potatos and beans which mix so well with the chips and sauce of the dish.

Surati Farsan Mart - Khasta Kachori

Surprisingly, the Khasta Kachori ($3.99) had some similarity in taste to the Delhi Chaat but Dennis felt it got 'old' in taste after a while. Maybe the overabundance of yogurt on the first dish gives it that extra boost of taste this one doesn't have! I'd recommend the one very similar to this that is in mini size! Those are perfect!

Surati Farsan Mart - Chole Samosa

The Chole Samosa ($4.50) is absolutely my favorite dish that I've tried here.  The samosas are so wonderful to snack on, both in the lightly fried outer layers and medley of spiced vegetables inside. The chickpeas and sauce are just oh so tasty and I licked up every bite! I felt a little kick in my throat but overall the dish wasn't too spicy for me!

We were pretty full off these three dishes and it ran about $13 for everything! Amazing for the price!  I tried to ask Dennis what he thought of the dishes but all he could say was that there was so much flavor going on (in a good way) that he couldn't describe it!

Surati Farsan Mart - dessert sampler

As a bonus, we were able to sample a few of their desserts and snacks. The various desserts are priced per pound. I really liked the chocolate almond candy and the salty spiced peanuts from their displays. Those also happened to be the items I purchased for later snacking!

I've got a new favorite restaurant in the Miramar/Mira Mesa area and I can't wait to try more of their menu! The staff was ever so helpful with selecting both main meal and desserts to try. Next time I'll bring a crew of people so we can try out many dishes, especially the curries I was eyeing today!  Until next time... fellow foodies.

Surati Farsan Mart
9494 Black Mountain Rd
San Diego CA 92126
(858) 549-7280

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