Entrada Little Italy - Launch Party

Entrada Little Italy in San Diego

Experience Little Italy's one and only gourmet taqueria and speakeasy combo, Entrada San Diego.

A friend and I attended the VIP portion of the launch party. We were very curious about this place.

Entrada Little Italy bar

First thing we noticed... two gigantic trees (fake) stretched their limbs over the center bar.

Attractive bartenders and servers helped with your drink orders!

Soon the food followed.

Entrada Little Italy octopus tacos

Multiple appetizers were being passed around. My favorite was the octopus taco with jalapeño sour cream.

I happily ate quite a few of these!

Entrada Little Italy appetizers

Other appetizers included ahi on a chip, tuna on cucumber and braised pork on sopa.

Entrada Little Italy in San Diego

There was promise of a tour...

The way was lit by chandeliers made with Patron bottles! This fascinating hallway led to the secret speakeasy room in the back. A guy wearing a priest-like robe asks you to confess your sins before entering.

I can't reveal mine online...

Entrada Little Italy bartender

In the back were more bartenders serving different drinks.

One of their attractions includes the four time champion flair bartener Atilla Iskifoglu (not pictured)! He gave us quite a show that night, including the mixing of some fiery drinks! He moved too quickly to be caught by my camera but it was amazing!

Entrada Little Italy dj and model

There was a DJ spinning live music and models for the event hanging out.

Entrada Little Italy red carpet models

These ladies (and some gentlemen too) were also found in the main restaurant, on the red carpet photo area, and in the open windows of the restaurant.

Entrada Little Italy wall art

We mingled with other guests and enjoyed a sneak peek into Entrada. The speakeasy will be open on the weekends or for private events while the rest of the restaurant is open to all. The space quickly filled up once the party opened to the public at 7pm. We'll have to check out their full food menu on a future visit!

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Entrada Little Italy
1953 India St
San Diego CA 92101
(619) 677-5995

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