Nathan's Famous

Nathan's Famous

Dave says, “As an aspiring Kobayashi wannabe, I just had to try out a Nathan’s hot dog while I had the opportunity. Just got a basic Hot Dog and Fries. The fries weren’t anything special, but I did enjoy the hot dog. Nathan’s hot dogs are a little different than the run-of-the-mill dog because of their outer skin (I’m food channel edumacated). When you bite into them, they have a bit more of a snap to them. Overall, a good dog, but nothing I’d go out of my way to get.”

Hot Dog and Fries

Well, I liked the thick crinkle cut fries. I prefer those to the skinny shoestring fries. I didn’t try the hot dog though.

I thought it would be okay to do a review on this chain because it’s an east coast chain, but I found out that you can try it in San Diego!  The website says they have a location at North County Mall in Escondido.

Nathan's Famous
Pier 17, 3rd Floor
New York City NY

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