Taste of North Park 2011 Part 2/2

Taste of North Park 2011 continued from part 1...

Taste of North Park 2011 - Veg N Out veggie burger

Veg N' Out - This slider was different than the vegetarian patties you find at the grocery store, and the onions were cooked a slight bit raw.

Taste of North Park 2011 - Eddie's Philadelphia philly sandwich

Eddie's Philadelphia Steaks - We selected the beef with american cheese sample.  The meat was slightly underseasoned but the bread had a nice toasty feeling in our mouths.  I like when philly sandwiches aren't overly cheesy and greasy yet still have a decent taste.

Gorgeous Salon - Beer was offered here.

Taste of North Park 2011 - Paesano's Fine Italian Food lasagna

Paesano's Fine Italian Food - This lasagna was completely falling apart as we tried to eat it.  The pasta noodles were overcooked and the sauce was way too runny.  Maybe it needed more resting time!

Taste of North Park 2011 - True North Tavern taco

True North Tavern - This taco was the messiest of any we ate that day and it just didn't have any flavor, perhaps too much pico de gallo.

Taste of North Park 2011 - Urban Solace slider

Urban Solace - We liked this sample here with its thick breading and flavorful meats. I would like to come back to try some of their other foods.

Pigment - The beer offered here was way too hoppy for me.

Taste of North Park 2011 - Heaven Sent Desserts chocolate banana cake

Heaven Sent Desserts - Layers of banana flavored cream between fluffy chocolate cake greeted our mouths at this dessert place.  My friends love this place and I can totally see why they would!

Home Mercantile - Beer was offerred here.

Ms. Vintage - Beer was offerred here.

Taste of North Park 2011 - Side Street Thai chicken fried rice

Side Street Thai Kitchen - I thought the fried rice was quite average.

Taste of North Park 2011 - Splash Wine Lounge pizza

Splash Wine Lounge & Bistro - This place is neat because you can sample wine through dispensers for as little as $1 a taste.  We were able to taste either a red or white wine near the front.  In the back we picked up a slice of pizza and artichoke crostini.

Taste of North Park 2011 - URBN Coal meatball appetizerTaste of North Park 2011 - URBN Coal chicken wings

URBN Coal Fired Pizza - The meatball was the best part of the samples here.  THe chicken wings were weakly seasoned and some parts were a little dried out.

Taste of North Park 2011 - La Herradura super burrito sample

La Herradura Taco Shop - We were handed a mini version of the Super Burrito, which normally is about 20" long!  The taco had a nice meat to tortilla ratio.  After taking a bite, we put the rest away for later!

Aloha Sunday Supply Co - Beer was offered here.

Overload - Karl Strauss beers were offered here but they ran out of red trolley, the one I would have drinken.  Otherwise, there was a darker ale available.

Taste of North Park 2011 - Claire de Lune quicheTaste of North Park 2011 - Claire de Lune turkey sandwich

Claire De Lune Coffee Lounge - The chile quiche here is quite good!  You get a real mouthful of chile pepper in each bite that has the taste without as much of its bite (usually from the seeds).  The turkey sandwich was also light and tasteful.

Taste of North Park 2011 - Foundry vegetarian pizza

Rosaria's Pizza/The Foundry - This place's menu is very eclectica and changes on the whim of the staff.  They offered pho (Vietnamese beef noodle soup) or vegetarian pizza.  Some nights they even offer Thai food.  We sampled their pizza but mounds of garlic turned us off and we couldn't finish the slice. Luckily they change their menu often!

Hunt & Gather - We sampled grape flavored Svedka, one mixed with Sprite and the other with grape juice.  The former was light and sparkly but the latter was a little too much grape.

Taste of North Park 2011 - West Coast Tavern bread pudding

West Coast Tavern - The bread pudding dessert here was so soft and sultry that we couldn't stop eating it!  I declare it one of the best desserts I've tried in a while with nothing similar to it!

Taste of North Park 2011 - Philly's Grill philly sandwich

Philly Grill - This location was 10 blocks west of the closest participating location so we hit it last by car.  Unfortunately the distance also led to cold premade philly sandwich samples.  I reheated it at home later and found that it was better than reheating the other philly.

When it was all over, we were extremely stuffed, slightly tipsy and ready for the oncoming food coma.  Food and drinks: a great combination!

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