Station Sushi

I took Lynn to this restaurant a couple of weeks ago for her birthday. Her friend had recommended this place and so we decided to check it out for ourselves.

Curry Chicken

The chicken curry bowl was shockingly huge! It could easily feed two people. Unfortunately, it wasn’t that good… The chicken and the sauce were okay, but I didn’t like the rice. It was way too moist for my taste and I would have preferred it if they had served the curry sauce and the rice seperately. That way, the rice wouldn’t have been soggy on the top was surprised that I even ordered a curry entree here. She said that she couldn’t imagine it tasting good at a japanese restaurant but I said that some places make them pretty good. This place was not one of them…

The service was slow at times, but that can be expected. This place is quite popular and is located in a busy dining district. But I’m going to have to dock their score because they took forever in bringing out the menus and had accidently served someone else’s meal to us.

Yellowtail Sushi

Yellow Tail

Dragon Roll

Dragon Roll

Station Sushi
125 N Highway 101
Solana Beach CA 92075
(858) 481-9800

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