Jake's Del Mar

San Diego Restaurant Week Fall 2011

Restaurant 3: $30 Dinner at Jakes Del Mar

This is a fantastic place to go for a nice dinner!  Dennis and I came here to drink and dine for a mini celebration!

Jakes Del Mar Dungeness and King Crabcake

Dungeness & King Crabcake ($13) - meyer lemon remoulade, fennel watercress slaw

This was delicious and possibly in our top two.  Even the salad served underneath was tasty but sometimes a bit strong with the vinegar taste.

Jakes Del Mar Artichoke Heart Fritters

Artichoke Heart Fritters ($8) - red currant dijon, roasted garlic aioli

I never knew that you could fry artichokes and it would taste this good! There were two dipping sauces available: a cool mayo-like one and a more tart dijon or vinegar-based one.  Dennis liked the former and I liked the latter.  It's good to have options!

Jakes Del Mar Wok Char Spiced Mahi

Wok Char Spiced Mahi ($26.50) - nectarine basil relish, lime butter, garlic jasmine rice, snap peas

This fish was cooked perfectly and flaked off nicely with each bite.  The orange sauce was similar to the asian sweet chili sauce and went well with the fish.  Vegetables were healthy and steamed.

Jakes Del Mar Surf and Turf

Surf & Turf ($23) - brown sugar chipotle rubbed filet mignon, herb grilled shrimp & scallop, sweet corn cream, sautéed spinach, sweet potato corn hash

Good dish with a little bit of everything.  The only thing I didn't like was that the spinach was somewhat bitter and the potatoes were average.  The beef was cooked to medium rare as requested and the shrimp was beautiful and tasty.  I loved the sauce around the dish, especially the bits of sweet corn.

Jakes Del Mar KIMO’S Original Hula Pie

KIMO’S Original Hula Pie ($7) - This is the food that I always think of when Jakes is mentioned.  It's a scrumptious combination of vanilla ice cream with one oreo crust and one fudgy crust topped by whipped cream and nuts.  Ice cream fans rally for this one!

Jakes Del Mar Passion Fruit Cheesecake

Passion Fruit Cheesecake ($7)

Probably the least favorite of the night.  The dessert reminded me of those wafers you buy from the asian market that have the cream filling between the layers. In this case it would be some fake passion fruit flavored cream.  We could not finish this one.

Overall, a great visit to a great restaurant! We were stuffed and satisfied.

Jakes Del Mar
1660 Coast Boulevard
Del Mar CA 92014
(858) 755-2002

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