Ocha Cafe

I was in the mood for a boba drink and remembered there was some drink shop in the food court off of mira mesa and camino santa fe. I dont remember what it was called but i think it might have been quickly or something with a “q”…

well anyway, i got there and discovered that quicklys was no longer there and had been replaced by another drink shop called Ocha Cafe. Upon entering the restaurant, i was warmly welcomed and introduced to something they call the “rice burger.”

bam! your choice of either beef, chicken or tofu on a bed of rice molded into the shape of hamburger buns. i decided to get the beef along with the combo of grape tea and fries.

Ocha Cafe - Beef Rice Burger

Beef Rice Burger w/ Spicy Sauce ($7.00?)

The fries were hot, fresh, and crispy. It was pretty good in the beginning but then i started to get tired of it. There was too much seasoning towards the bottom. As for the Beef Rice Burger, it was good, interesting, and quite innovative. I havent seen a rice burger anywhere else and they claim to be the only ones who make it.

The owner recommended that I try the chicken rice burger next time, which I most certainly will.


Restaurant is closed.

Ocha Cafe
6755 Mira Mesa Blvd Suite 107
San Diego CA 92126
(858) 638-7818

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Submitted by dennis on Thu, 01/01/2009 - 5:09pm

This place is now closed.

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