Leroy's Kitchen & Lounge

Leroy's Kitchen & Lounge is on the beautiful island of Coronado. When San Diego Restaurant Week rolled around, I thought it'd be a glorious time to cross the blue bridge for a visit. The restaurant is a few streets away from the historic Hotel del Coronado but we were able to score a parking spot nearby. Our late lunch may have been another helpful factor.

outdoor patio at Leroy's Kitchen and Lounge in Coronado

There's a patio area with bright red umbrellas for basking in the sunny San Diego weather while the inside has both booths and tables.

bar at Leroy's Kitchen and Lounge in Coronado

There are a few TV's for watching sports at the bar while you drink.

beer menu at Leroy's Kitchen and Lounge in Coronado

The beer menu has a varied selection on tap plus space to advertise upcoming promotions.

We were seated at a booth facing the bar and provided the SDRW lunch menu. It's a $15 pre-fix lunch with one appetizer and one entree. Menu is attached at the bottom of the post.

Deviled Eggs at Leroy's Kitchen and Lounge

Deviled Eggs / Eben Haezer Ranch Eggs, Mango Chutney, Garam Masala

If you're not already familiar, garam masala is a spice blend commonly used for Indian food. There was just something about that unique Indian spice taste that we really enjoyed about this appetizer. Also, rather than a mayo-heavy taste, it was yolky with a mild sweetness from the mango. The greens on the side were simple and undressed.

Brussels Sprouts at Leroy's Kitchen and Lounge

Brussels / Local honey + Mustard, Mustard Seeds, Parmesan

This appetizer was too soft because it was a bit overcooked. I've been leaning toward brussels with more chew these days. Still, there were a few crunchier edges from being roasted and it carried a mild mustard bite to contrast with the parmesan. A little more bite wouldn't hurt though.

Truffled Fries at Leroy's Kitchen and Lounge   Tomato Bisque at Leroy's Kitchen and Lounge

Truffled Fries & Tomato Bisque

These two items were also on the appetizer list but we decided to hit two birds with one stone by ordering the entrees that already included them. The thin fries were crispy and satisfying, especially when dipped in the house pomegranate ketchup or garlic aoili sauce! The bisque was a little on the sour side though so we weren't fans of it.

Leroy's Burger at Leroy's Kitchen and Lounge

Leroy's Burger / Holey Cow, Bacon Jam, House Pickles, Truffled Fries

The burger looked simple but was actually quite good. The thick and juicy patty (ordered medium rare) was seasoned nicely and complemented by the subtle but savory bacon jam under the bun. The garlic aioli that came with the fries were also good with the burger.

Truffled Grilled Cheese at Leroy's Kitchen and Lounge

Truffled Grilled Cheese / Tomato, Beech Mushrooms, Savory Spinach, Tomato Bisque

The bread on this sandwich was crusty and so buttery that it overpowered the star ingredient of cheese. Add on the oilier sauted spinach and mushrooms and it wasn't exactly a winning grilled cheese combo for us. Some might like dipping it into their tomato bisque but with a sour soup, we didn't really care for this entree overall.

Leroy's Kitchen and Lounge in Coronado

Our food took a while to come out and we'd be eyeing the servers who walked nearby, hoping ours was next. The service was a bit slow too, especially when we were trying to flag someone down for the check. Besides the burger and deviled eggs that we ordered, I recommend trying the poke tacos. Their menu also changes seasonally so elements of a dish may be different on your visit. They have a social hour (basically a happy hour) on most days so that may be worth checking out as well.

Leroy's Kitchen + Lounge Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Leroy's Kitchen & Lounge
1015 Orange Avenue
Coronado CA 92118
(619) 437-6087

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Soo Hom's picture
Submitted by Soo Hom (not verified) on Sun, 02/21/2016 - 9:17am

That burger sure looked juicy! I usually go to Hodad's for a burger and shake. :-)

Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table's picture
Submitted by Laura @ Sprint ... (not verified) on Sun, 02/21/2016 - 2:44pm

Good to know! We go past there all the time but usually end up eating at Tavern. Maybe we'll check this out when the burger craving hits!

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