City Market / Luling TX

One restaurant wasn't enough to experience Texas BBQ. Dennis and I needed more after visiting Harmon's Barbecue! The next day we headed to another recommendation, a little further east than the last.

City Market in Luling Texas

City Market is situated in the little town of Luling. The whole city population is under 6k. When googling, I also found a "Luling City Market" in HOUSTON, approximately 140 miles away, but they are unrelated. Added to my Texas food list!

decorative oil rigs by Luling City Market decorative oil rigs by Luling City Market

When we got to the parking lot, there was a really strong smell of oil or similar. We noticed these oil rigs across the street. Not sure if they were real and/or in working condition but we were in Texas after all where gas is cheap! We hustled inside to get away from the smell.

inside of City Market in Luling Texas

The front was a small market or convenience store with snacks and chips for purchase. We looked around curiously to see where to purchase actual BBQ. In the back past the dining tables was a closed off room, with signs indicating a door to order and which to exit.

the back room at City Market in Luling Texas fresh cuts of meat at City Market in Luling Texas

Walking in was like entering a barbecue smoke room. There was a gust of the flavors and smoke and meat in the dimly lit room. Several people were attending to the pits, others were taking your order and the rest were preparing the food.

sausage on the grill at City Market in Luling Texas cuts of brisket at City Market in Luling Texas

We could see all the meat action in here! Sausage smoking over the grill! Fresh brisket pulled out from the grills! Just put it on our plates already!

sausage, brisket and ribs at City Market in Luling Texas

We asked for recommendations and ended up with 1 lb of brisket, one sausage link, some pork ribs and jalapenos and pickles sides. The food was wrapped in butcher's paper which also worked as individual trays for eating. The barbecue sauce and utensils were picked up from the front counter.

brisket closeup at City Market in Luling Texas potato salad at City Market in Luling Texas

The brisket itself had a really beautiful smoke ring on the outside but perhaps too lean and not as moist as we preferred. The ribs were exceptional with a really good texture plus a nice salty crust and some char. Too bad they were smaller than Harmon's. The sausage was savory though Dennis mentioned the insides weren't as firm as you'd expect. The meat slid around inside though the outer case had great cripsy skin! Sides had to be ordered from the front and we picked up a side of potato salad, which was so-so.

City Market in Luling Texas

Even with a gigantic dining area, including a side room, it was quite a busy place. We came in just before a large lunch rush but the service was really fast. Our recommendations, at least per our preferences, is to give the ribs and sausage a try. Any recommendations on Texas BBQ for us to try next?

City Market Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

City Market
633 E Davis Street
Luling TX 78648
(877) 526-2271

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Soo @ hungryones's picture
Submitted by Soo @ hungryones (not verified) on Tue, 11/10/2015 - 9:27am

Lucky! Those ribs have a nice smoke ring. :-) I'm gonna go out and get some bbq tonight. Beef short ribs or some beef brisket... Keep these bbq reviews coming! They make me hungry to insure I go out and find some good local bbq.

lynn's picture
Submitted by lynn on Sun, 11/15/2015 - 6:26pm

go find the good ones for me! i can only eat so much bbq because it's a lot of meat at one time!

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