Finbar's Italian Kitchen

Finbar's Italian Kitchen Linguine alla Romana

Linguine alla Romana (14.99) - chicken breast, pancetta, and artichoke sauteed then tossed in a light parmesan cream sauce with spinach linguine

The flavor of the linguine was very nice for the first bite but after a while, the pasta felt like it was drowning in the sauce. I’m not used to eating italian dishes so it tasted too saucy but Dennis also agreed about the heaviness of the sauce. I would have liked for it to have more artichoke but there was a reasonable amount in the dish. The chicken was tender and delicious though. Overall it was a decent menu selection and more-so if the sauce were a little bit less overpowering.

Finbar's Italian Kitchen Ginger-Garlic Black Bean Capellini

Ginger-Garlic Black Bean Capellini (12.99) - sauteed chicken breast with broccoli and scallions in a sweet ginger, garlic, black bean sauce with soy and sherry.

As for Dennis’s dish, the broccoli was cooked to a nice softness but the sauce was very oily, reminding me of a chinese dish. The noodles were plentiful, in fact bordering on too much, because the oiliness filled you up faster than you would normally expect a dish would do. The chicken in this one was likewise decent enough but did not stick out enough to remember more, despite us having eaten there just yesterday.

The environment of the restaurant was indeed casual. This place has the white paper tablecloths that you can draw on with crayons. On the way to the bathroom, I noted the colorful drawings posted on the walls, sketched by previous guests of the restaurant! The restaurant seating was a little bit tight due to the way the tables shared a long booth but we had enough space from the customers surrounding our middle table. Ongoing talking was louder due to proximity of others but this restaurant is casual dining after all. It took a while for the waiter to come take our order but at least we had more time to decide what to eat. Otherwise, he was very attentive, despite having to cover a large number of tables that evening.

Finbar's Italian Kitchen
901-C South Coast Drive
Costa Mesa CA 92626
(714) 641-3000

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