Babbo Grande

Fruit and Cheese Plate

I've been really busy, so this is a quickie...  I read about Babbo Grande on the San Diego Reader's website and recently checked them out.  Their Fruit & Cheese Plate ($7) looked good on the menu, but I should have asked what kinds of cheeses they had.  Their "specialty" cheeses were disappointing.  (Afterwards, we walked several blocks to Taste Artisan Cheese & Gourmet Shop to pick up some treats for later.)

Beef Stroganoff

Mr. H. said the Beef Stroganoff ($10) was good, but it contained more mushrooms than beef.  My Vegetarian Lasagna ($12) was also good.  The marinara sauce was zesty.  They also have a pretty large selection of crepes, breakfast, and vegetarian items.  Overall, the hearty portions are reasonably priced and the staff was friendly.

Vegetarian Lasagna

Babbo Grande
1731 University Avenue
San Diego CA 92103
(619) 269-8038

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