Costa Mesa

We were shopping in Costa Mesa and decided to try Skosh Monahan's with an online coupon. Since we were in an Irish bar, we decided that we’d go along with the Irish Theme.

Skosh Monahans Steak of Lamb

I’ve always been interested in trying out more foods that are meatless and this was a good place to explore! 118 is purely vegetarian, and online I read that they don’t even need to cook the food(?). It was relatively easy to find, in the plaza right off the corner of Baker and Bristol.

118 Degrees Panini

Finbar's Italian Kitchen Linguine alla Romana

Linguine alla Romana (14.99) - chicken breast, pancetta, and artichoke sauteed then tossed in a light parmesan cream sauce with spinach linguine

The flavor of the linguine was very nice for the first bite but after a while, the pasta felt like it was drowning in the sauce. I’m not used to eating italian dishes so it tasted too saucy but Dennis also agreed about the heaviness of the sauce. I would have liked for it to have more artichoke but there was a reasonable amount in the dish. The chicken was tender and delicious though. Overall it was a decent menu selection and more-so if the sauce were a little bit less overpowering.