Meze Meditarranean Cuisine

Want a delicious slider? Try one at Meze Mediterranean Cuisine in downtown San Diego. 

Meze Meditarranean Cuisine meze sliders

Meze sliders $13

The meze sliders are beef pork and lamb patties with garlic and onions over a fiery hummus kind of spread. These are extremely juicy with plenty of strong flavors inside.They are good portion sizes with three pieces but don't come with sides. If ordering sides, I would suggest the Meze fries for $4 more. I'm not a fan of thick fries and these are the exact opposite, really thin with garlic seasoning!

Funny thing about this entree.. the sliders used to be for dinner only, then became so popular that they brought it to lunch. Then they changed their minds again and decided to close for lunch completely except for Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. So you can try these for dinner during the weekdays or anytime during the weekends. Otherwise, one of the other favorite items of the menu is the rotissarie chicken.

By the way, check the specials/happy hour menu. Currently they have "slider sundays" for 2.00 each!

Meze Meditarranean Cuisine
551 J Street
San Diego CA 92101

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