Devilicious Food Truck

As we were driving through Mira Mesa last Monday, we noticed the familiar shape of food trucks by the Epicenter, a local youth center.  We immediately u-turned, found ourselves a parking spot nearby and headed toward the enticing scents.

We asked someone what was going on and were informed that recently, several participating food trucks set up shop here every Monday evening and donated 10% of their profits to the youth center. Very charitable! There were about 7 food trucks that night but we decided to dine from the Devilicious food truck, who were on the second season of The Great Food Truck Race.  They were also at the Del Mar Food Truck event this year but we didn't try them at that time.

Devilicious Food Truck Lobster Grilled Cheese

Lobster Grilled Cheese $10

This is one of their most popular sandwiches.  The buttered bread was on the softer (and used to be crunchy) side but the combination of onions, roma tomatoes, cheese and lobster gave it a great flavor.  Maybe we were unlucky but it felt a little skimpy on the lobster.  It was also extremely cheesy, which goes well with the 'food so good, it's bad' logo.  The sandwich came with a mixed green salad with some light basalmic dressing that felt like a tasteful health balance for the sandwich.  I also appreciate when salads use fancy greens over boring iceberg lettuce!

Devilicious Food Truck Cubano Grilled Sandwich

Cubano Grilled Sandwich $8

In comparison, this sandwich was more meaty than the first.  Devilicious adds their own version of braised pulled pork accompanied by swiss cheese.  We've made our own pulled pork and tend to compare all pulled pork with what we've made.  This one was tender and moist but lightly seasoned.  I think the ingredients mention ham but it must have been shredded and/or blended well because I only remember pork.   I liked this one better because of the meat/cheese ratio. This also came with the mixed green salad. 

Overall, decent sandwiches but not the best.  Ever since tasting Opera Patisserie sandwiches, it takes a bit to impress me!  We were still hungry even though we spent close to $20.  I wish the food were more filling.

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Submitted by cathy (not verified) on Sun, 04/29/2012 - 7:38pm

They have opened up Wich Addiction in Mira Mesa!


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