Mad Maui Food Truck

Mad Maui food truck is often in the North County area so we jumped on the chance to try them out when they were at Green Flash Brewery last night.

The menu was quite simple, consisting of pulled pork [sandwich], street tacos, cheeseburger, some kind of 'western' burger, holy chipotle, plus two sides. I think it would be a PLUS if they had a bigger menu board to write what ingredients were in each. Everyone who ordered had to ask, as did we. After hearing the descriptions though, we opted for their holy chipotle and their street tacos. We've made our own pulled pork before so we thought it'd be fun to try theirs!

Mad Maui Food Truck - Street Tacos with pulled pork

For the Street Tacos, the pork meat somewhat drowning by the verde sauce did nothing to appeal to my visual appetite. But no real opinions can be mustered until the taste test is executed... after the first messy bite, I thought "there's some kick in this sauce!" I think that was the highlight of the taco. The homemade pulled pork just didn't shine bright enough in this snack and I ventured to the other dish we ordered...

Mad Maui Food Truck - Holy Chipotle pulled pork sandwich

Now here was the Holy Chipotle... This was basically the pulled pork sandwich but with the addition of 2 onion rings and a choice of bread. Dennis and I thought the holy chipotle on ciabatta bread was the winner that night. The savory barbeque sauce was an excellent compliment to the tender pulled pork and there was meat aplenty both in and out of the sandwich. The bread had fun grill marks on it and kept its shape despite the juicy meat and bbq sauce. I just couldn't help taking bites out of his sandwich and wishing I had ordered that instead! 

Overall verdict? It's worth another shot if they are in the area. Maybe their sandwiches are the breadwinners of the family! I noticed that there were many more options lisetd on the website than was available yesterday so hopefully we will catch them when they have a different menu! Or, we could happily order the Holy Chipotle again if available...

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