Tostada and Enchilada combo

Tostada and Enchilada combo with rice and beans (~$5.00)

The tostada and enchilada combo was Lynn’s meal. She had a craving for tostada and the combo seemed the best deal at the time. I believed she said the meal was okay but from the way she munched it down, I would think otherwise. Or perhaps she was just really hungry. =)

Carne Asada Chips

Carne Asada Chips (~$6.00)

This meal had a really cheesy and creamy feel to it. There were two types of cheeses sprinkled all over and lots of guacomole and sour cream mixed around into the meat. The meat was pretty good. It wasn’t dry but it could have been juicer. Oh, and don’t order pollo chips. I ordered it the last I was here and it was very oily and barely tolerable. Also, they don’t give that many chips as Cojita does but this meal does fill a single person.

Something to note.. If you’re planning on riding rollercoaster attractions after eating this meal, then don’t! That’s all I’m going to say..

5330 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego CA 92115
(619) 287-1850

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