Texas de Brazil 1 year anniversary in Carlsbad California

Texas de Brazil in Carlsbad celebrated its one year anniversary on March 6, 2020. The restaurant provides an experience of Brazilian barbecue meats grilled over charcoal, sliced by hand at your table, controlled by a green (go) / red (stop) card, plus access to an excellent salad bar and hot food bar. During our introductory visit last year, we gorged on their salad bar and meats. This visit, we were able to attend a mixology class for the classic Brazilian drink Caipirinha, get an insider view of their kitchen, then feast once again on their food! Read on for details on our recent visit!

Caipirinha cocktails at Texas de Brazil Churrascaria Steakhouse in Carlsbad

To start off the evening, manager Pamela provided a demonstration on three drinks served at the restaurant. Our goal was the following: 1) traditional Caipirinha, 2) Strawberry Caipirinha, 3) Passion Fruit Caipirinha. Lundu Cachaca Silver (product of Brazil) is used for their Caipirinha.

Caipirinha ingredients at Texas de Brazil Churrascaria Steakhouse in Carlsbad

The ingredients were prepped ahead of time and ready for mixing. I couldn't resist nibbling on some strawberries as I listened intently to Pamela's instructions. Add the fruit to your glass with 1-2 tablespoons of sugar, then muddle with a wooden tool. It was surprisingly satisfying to mash away, especially after a long day of work! Next add the alcohol, transfer to a shaker with ice, close tightly, then shake shake shake! Even though it's a simple recipe, it was entertaining to partake in the lesson! The fan favorite was Pamela's suggestion of mixing passion fruit drink with the strawberry drink!

Texas de Brazil wine collection at Texas de Brazil Churrascaria Steakhouse in Carlsbad

Texas de Brazil has their own branded wines too, for those who enjoy a glass with their meal. For the non-alcoholic drinker, there's always Brazilian soda called Soda Bossa which we thought was quite tasty.

Meat on a Stick at Texas de Brazil Churrascaria Steakhouse in Carlsbad

This visit, we were able to take a tour of the kitchen. You could feel the heat rising from the charcoal pits and it reminded us of Dae Jang Keum, another SD spot for grilled meats over charcoal. Most places use propane to cook their meats but we definitely enjoy the flavors and aroma that charcoal grills provide.

Meat on a Skewer at Texas de Brazil Churrascaria Steakhouse in Carlsbad

Not only are they carving meat for diners (and models here LOL), but the servers also cook! The meats are split up and each server takes responsibility for a few different skewers.

Meat Plate at Texas de Brazil Churrascaria Steakhouse in Carlsbad

Of course, being at a Brazilian steakhouse, we must show off our loaded meat plate! I love how all the meats are well seasoned. Favorites include the bacon wrapped filet mignon, the lamb chops (not pictured), and the parmesan chicken! Honestly, we were enjoying every little bite! 

Sauces at Texas de Brazil Churrascaria Steakhouse in Carlsbad

Don't forget your add-ons! We especially love a little bit of chimichurri on meats, and the mint sauce really elevates the lamb options and balances out their gameness.

Israeli Coucous at Texas de Brazil Churrascaria Steakhouse in Carlsbad

We had a chance to chat with Executive Chef Luis who joined the team in October. He mentioned use of seasonal ingredients and creating appetizing food that also tasted delicious. One of his additions to the salad bar was this Israeli Coucous, vibrant with a refreshing taste to match the presentation. In fact, we wanted to go back for seconds but needed room for tasting other items!

Shrimp at Texas de Brazil Churrascaria Steakhouse in Carlsbad

Chef Luis was also proud of this spicy shrimp item (powered by jalapeno). The contrast was nice between the onions and peppers. We also noticed there was pineapple carpaccio added to the bar.

Salad Bar at Texas de Brazil Churrascaria Steakhouse in Carlsbad

Options options options! This is just one side of the salad bar too! Nearby is the hot foods section. Favorites from there included some of the best potatoes au gratin I've had and the sultry muchrooms cooked in wine sauce.

Salad Bar Plate at Texas de Brazil Churrascaria Steakhouse in Carlsbad

Usually Dennis saves his stomach for the meats but with the large selection at the bar, he couldn't help piling his plate high! A little bit of sweet here, some sour there, different textures, etc. Party in our mouths!

Banana Cake at Texas de Brazil Churrascaria Steakhouse in Carlsbad

We were stuffed but there was dessert to be had! This banana treat was a reasonable eating size and came with a sliced banana! You don't initially notice, but there's a carmelized sugar topping to break through, similar to creme brulee. Cake itself was nice and light with just the right amount of sweetness from the sauces. Dennis picked carrot cake which he felt was similar to Trulucks in flavor and texture. There's also pairings available for the desserts such as Frangelico liqueur paired with carrot cake. You can view more pictures of food in our original post.

Dining at Texas de Brazil seemed even tastier than last time, especially the salad bar! Everything was amazing and the staff was so courteous! Congrats Texas de Brazil on your one year anniversary!  

Current Promos

VIP Dining Cards are available during the month of March. Purchase the VIP dining card and receive 50% off 12 regular-priced dinners! The card is valid until 10/29/20 except for Fridays, Saturdays or restaurant holidays and cannot be combined with other promos. A portion of the proceeds also go toward Children's Cancer Fund. This is an absolute killer deal and we decided to purchase two cards for ourselves. We also found out that you can use multiple meals in one sitting so we plan to return to celebrate birthdays with family later this year. Take advantage of this card while you can!

Disclaimer: I was invited to the restaurant by their PR company and the food was complimentary. I was not otherwise compensated and all opinions are my own.

Texas de Brazil (Carlsbad)
2525 El Camino Real
Carlsbad CA 92008
(760) 544-1600

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