Yummy Yogurt

You can find this shop in the same shopping plaza as Chuck E Cheese, Excel Photo, and Ballys.

According to the announcement on the shop wall, live and active cultures are present in each yogurt flavor. They serve to help lower cholesterol and improve digestion. Kool! And all of the yogurt sundaes here are non-fat and beautifully crafted as shown below.

Very Berry Sundae

I got the Very Berry Sundae which is a non-fat peachberry yogurt with whip cream, nuts, blueberries, and strawberry sauce. Yum! Mike N. got the Brownie Sundae which consisted of non-fat vanilla yogurt with fudge, brownie, nuts, and whip cream.

Brownie Sundae

Looking back at these pictures. I want some more… but its pretty expensive.

Yummy Yogurt
9844 Hibert St G-8
San Diego CA 92131
(858) 587-9848

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