Yogurt Swirl

Yogurt Swirl

It used to be that I would travel to a faraway land called Convoy for frozen yogurt, but not anymore.  Mira Mesa now has several of its own self-serve yogurt shops and Yogurt Swirl is one of the cutest!

If you haven't been to a self-serve yogurt shop before, here's the procedure:

1. Get a cup (there's usually 2 sizes available)

2. Fill it with however much yogurt you want, however you want it (just one flavor, all the flavors...)

3. Sprinkle whatever toppings you want on your frozen yogurt

4. Weigh and pay

They also offer a half pineapple for $5.95.  It's used like a cup.  Just put the frozen yogurt in it!

On the day that I visited, all 10 flavors were non-fat.  Of course there's the usual vanilla, chocolate, and assorted fruity flavors, but I had never seen these anywhere before: a tart pomegranate and deliciously sweet cantaloupe.  Yummy!

It's usually 38 cents an ounce, but they're offering a discount of 25% off through the month of May, so stop by for a healthy treat!

Yogurt Swirl

Yogurt Swirl
9168 Mira Mesa Blvd
San Diego CA 92126
(858) 693-9999

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