Thai Thani

Fried Calimari

Appetizer: Fried Calimari

The fried Calimari was an okay start. It isn’t a local exclusive that’s worth dying for. It was about the most unique thing on their menu of appetizers so I choose to get it. I was expecting it to have a more distinct taste. Unfortunately, with, or without the sauce, it’s nothing special. Just go to your local supermarket.

Teriyaki Salmon Dinner

Main Course: Teriyaki Salmon Dinner

Most places seem to have an exclusive salmon dish, so I choose to order this to try out. I figured hey the Salmon you get at your local supermarket is boneless, taste great, and isn’t that expensive. Disappointment sucks. First off, it was $10.50 for a small thin slab of salmon, a small bowl of shrimp rice, some nasty broccoli, and lots of teriyaki sauce. White rice tasted better than the fried rice. The broccoli would’ve tasted better raw. The salmon was full of small and tremendously irritating bones that kept stabbing me. It spent more time trying to get the bones out of my mouth than I did eat. The only thing that kept me eating was the fact that I was hungry.

Dearest Crab

Dennis’s Main Course: Dearest Crab

This item was about 10$ and was listed under the house specials. It sounded pretty good compared to the other items on the menu and I’ve been dying for some good crab lately. Unfortunately, I was greatly disappointed. The way the crab was prepared was not how I expected. They served the crab mixed with pork and shrimp but into weird fried balls. The taste of this meatball was that of crabcake or the insides of an eggroll but not as good. I got so tired of eating this that I refused to finish my meal. I only ate one out of the two crab meatballs because I was afraid that I was going to get sick.

I’ve asked the other guests among our group and not one person had a good thing to say, except for Bao, who said the fried duck was good. On another note, Jimmy says that our experience was not well because of the manner in which we ate. Like other Thai and asian restaurants, everybody can order a different entree but everybody usually shares from each other so that there is a large variety. Nobody would get bored of the flavor, because they do serve in large portions, and the environment and mood would change. The only reason we did not eat family-style was because this was somewhat of a formal dinner. On a good note, the Thai Tea was good.

grilled fish



Thai Thani
1109 South Pacific Coast HWY
Redondo Beach CA 90277
(310) 316-1580

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