Taste of Downtown San Diego 2011 Part 2/2

If you missed part 1, here is the link.

At this point, we were almost halfway through the restaurants for our Taste of Downtown San Diego 2011 journey. I'm not sure exactly when they removed the Little Italy restaurants but it makes the trip a lot easier to hit more restaurants in such a short amount of time!

Taste of Downtown 2011 - Lincoln Room chicken wing

The Lincoln Room

We had to wait 2-3 minutes before entering but once there, the chicken wings hit us with an extremely strong smoked taste that Dennis didn't like that much.  The wing meat itself was super tender and fell off the bone easy.

Taste of Downtown 2011 - Bandar Restaurant pita dip

Bandar Restaurant

This one was quick because it was prepackaged in a to-go box but all it contained was some pita bread and dip. We weren't too impressed with either portion.  I don't think it was an accurate representation of the restaurant. I still have no idea what kind of food they serve!

Taste of Downtown 2011 - Monsoon buffet line

Taste of Downtown 2011 - Monsoon buffetTaste of Downtown 2011 - Monsoon buffet

Taste of Downtown 2011 - Monsoon mango dessertTaste of Downtown 2011 - Monsoon drink

Monsoon - Fine Cuisine of India

Here was another buffet style Indian place but the food here was outstanding. I loved the mango mousse dessert they had, the chickpea mixture, and some of the meats. The punch was sweet but not overly so and it was very refreshing to drink!

Taste of Downtown 2011 - Mint Thai pad thai

Mint Downtown Thai

We were able to sample two of their dishes, the red curry (vegetarian) and their pad thai (chicken). Both were really good! Dennis had thought about dining there before but after sampling, he decided to come back for lunch soon!

Taste of Downtown 2011 - Hennessey's Tavern avocado slider

Hennessey’s Tavern

We had four choices of their sliders and chose the avocado topping. It came out cooked medium well, meat still tender and guacamole quite good. Definitely decent food for a pub.

Shorelines Gallery

A rep from a vinyard sampled a few bottles from his winery.

Taste of Downtown 2011 - Royal India saffron rice

Taste of Downtown 2011 - Royal India saffron riceTaste of Downtown 2011 - Royal India saffron rice

Royal India

Another decent indian place.  Dennis really loved the flavor of their paella dish.  His version was the spicy one which gave the right amount of kick, followed by a bite of my sweet version, which cooled off his mouth!  The sweet version was interesting because they layered two toppings, a fruit chutney and the creamy white sauce seen in the picture.

Taste of Downtown 2011 - Dublin Square Irish Pub stew meat

Dublin Square Irish Pub

This dish was mixed for us. A few pieces were tender, where there was some fat, while the rest was way too tough!  I wish it had looked a little more appetizing though!  Maybe you could use the leftovers in some kind of stew!

Taste of Downtown 2011 - Cafe Sevilla samplerTaste of Downtown 2011 - Cafe Sevilla paella

Café Sevilla

You couldn't tell from the outside but once inside, there was an unbelievably long line going up the stairs, and both ways of a 30ft hallway before the serving area.  It wasn't that late yet but we noticed all the desserts were gone and only the paella was left.  Dennis noticed that the paella was extremely infused with a seafood taste, and quite a bit mushy. The meatball had a very mild sauce which I think could have used some more spice.  The mussel was nothing to scream about either.

Taste of Downtown 2011 - McCormick's and Schmitt tuna appetizer

McCormick & Schmicks

We ate here for Restaurant Week so we were super excited to see what they had to offer!  The tuna portion was fresh tasting but the cucumber slices were a bit thick for our taste. Also, the sauce seemed a bit strong and didn't really go with the rest of it.

Taste of Downtown 2011 - Fleetwood stuffed mushroom

The Fleetwood

We headed to the back of the restaurant where we found a single small stuffed mushroom. One bite later we were pleased with the delectable stuffing and slight drizzle of olive oil.

Taste of Downtown 2011 - Proper Gastro Pub / Wine Steals meatball

Proper Gastro Pub/Wine Steals

This place is easy to miss but luckily there was a sign! We waited a few minutes before we got our meatball sampler. I took one whiff and my nose went crazy just from the spicy smell!. I bravely took a bite and to my surprise, the smell was worse than the bite! The outside had a firm baked texture despite the sauce and the insides had a melty cheese goodness. It ended up being a level of spice that I could handle, despite my initial impression. We really loved the meatball here.

Taste of Downtown 2011 - Toast Enoteca and Cucina pasta

Toast Enoteca & Cucina

We were disappointed to find another pasta that looked absolutely boring and likewise, tasted the same way. Most of the other places we tried to finish the sample but here we simply tossed it after one bite since we still had a few places to go.

Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery (out)

It was close to 8:30 and they were out of samples for the night. Boo!

Taste of Downtown 2011 - Dragon's Den sushi and fish

Dragon’s Den

Here was another place where we had a little bit of a wait. We were feeling a bit anxious and almost ready to leave when the food finally came out, maybe 10 minutes later. The crab filling in the sushi was the way I liked it: light and not artificial tasting. The rest of the roll was just decent. On the other hand, the fried fish was a treat for us. It had a nice sweet and sour touch to it and we knew this portion was what gave us the wait.

Taste of Downtown 2011 - Starbucks pumpkin spice

Starbuck’s Coffee

I believe it was something like a Pumpkin Spice Mocha, a holiday treat of some sort.

Taste of Downtown 2011 - East Village Tavern and Bowl chicken wing

East Village Tavern + Bowl

Dennis remembered that he always liked the samples here and once again, it was a delightful chicken wing with a semi-sweet glaze over a nicely baked chicken char. Yum!

Taste of Downtown 2011 - Lotus Thai dumpling

Lotus Thai

For some reason the guy gave us his last three dumplings but soon after another couple came running over, stating they missed the last batch and just missed this one! We offered them half of ours since we had extra! Too bad they were just average tasting dumplings so those other people wouldn't have missed much.

The Village Coffee & Wine Bar @ 631

This place looked closed and had a sign stating that they were out for the night.

Knotty Barrel Gastropub

To sum it up: CRAPPY SERVICE! Thanks for ignoring us and only paying attention to your paying customers (who were sitting on the table next to us). We're not planning to come back.

Taste of Downtown 2011 - Valentine's Mexican Food taquito

Valentine’s Mexican Food

I think they could have sampled something better than two chips and some hard dry taquitos. Yuck.

Taste of Downtown 2011 - Zanzibar Cafe orzo pastaTaste of Downtown 2011 - Zanzibar Cafe peanut butter cup

Zanzibar Café

We really like this place, especially their desserts. For some reason I was expecting a Reese Peanut Butter cup taste but there was a unexpected textured filling (nuts, etc). It was very good! They also served an orzo pasta and grain side dish with raisins. Definitely nice as sides but I was hoping they'd sample something off the dinner menu...


Here are the places we missed completely:

Montreal’s - Ran out of time

Pinkberry - The line was out the door and we've had their yogurt before

Ocean Room - I accidentally missed this when I crossed the street for Ghiradelli Chocolates!

Quarter Kitchen at Andaz San Diego - We should have stopped here after Miguels but I didn't notice it on the map!

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