Opera Cafe and Patisserie

Opera Cafe and Patisserie is a very popular restuarant with a very busy weekday lunch!  I'm sure a lot of its traffic comes from the Sorrento Valley tech companies nearby like Qualcomm!  I actually met for lunch with a friend who works at Qualcomm.

Opera Cafe and Patisserie - ahi tuna tartine

Ahi Tuna Tartine Sandwich

This is definitely my favorite dish I've tried here, between my own orders and nibbles off friend's plates. I just love a piece of rare tuna, sweet tomatoes, and some salty capers to contrast.  It's so fresh in the mouth with some avocado creaminess and salty olives atop a medium crispness flatbread base.  Just looking at the picture makes me want to take another bite!

Opera Cafe and Patisserie - seafood ravioli

Seafood Ravioli

My friend enjoyed this dish. She said it was pretty meaty, which worked with the sauce. Apparently there was a lot more filling than she had realized, but look at the size of that ravioli!  If there wasn't enough filling, I'd call it noodle instead!  Inside, the salmon was well cooked. She felt it was a nice surprise to bite into the ravioli and get an unexpected texture. All in all, the filling was not too tough, and not mushy.

The regular menu items are pretty good but I have to admit it's very hard to resist all the daily and/or weekly specials! If you have a sweet tooth, they also have some fabulous desserts! I've been meaning to take Dennis here to try out the desserts! Perhaps another review to come soon!

Opera Cafe and Patisserie
9254 Scranton Road
San Diego CA 92121

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