118 Degrees

I’ve always been interested in trying out more foods that are meatless and this was a good place to explore! 118 is purely vegetarian, and online I read that they don’t even need to cook the food(?). It was relatively easy to find, in the plaza right off the corner of Baker and Bristol.

118 Degrees Panini

I ordered the Panini ($9.00), which has spinach, mushroom, and tomato placed between two large yet strong crackers. The sandwich contents had a nice blend of flavors, and the mushrooms tasted as if they were lightly brushed with olive oil. The only turnoff of the sandwich was that the crackers were very hard. I figured out that biting into only one cracker at a time kept the contents of the sandwich from sliding out the other end. If not eaten in this fashion, this type of ‘bread’ has no barriers to keep the contents from shifting around.

118 Degrees Mole Enchilada

Dennis ordered the Mole Enchilada ($11.00), which I liked even more than my dish. It helped that it was a lot more effortless to eat than my meal. I loved how it had an exotic taste. The few kernels of corn sprinkled around the dish added a subtle sweetness to every bite.

I also ordered the signature drink, the Pomegranate Passion ($8), which is pomegranate juice and sake. It wasn’t anything too special.

The environment was very chill, and the other customers seemed to enjoy eating at this place. I definitely liked the contemporary decor of the restaurant. The service was nice enough, but not extraordinary. The prices are a little bit higher considering the size of the dish but I would definitely come back to this place. There are very few places, if any, that have something like that Mole Enchilada!

118 Degrees
2981 Bristol Suite B5
San Diego CA 92626
(714) 754-0718

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