Tea N More

On our quest to seek out the ultimate refreshment, my friend took me to a well known tea place in Clairemont Mesa. The first thing to impress me was the size of the vacinity. There was a large, well-lite lounge along with an impressive library and book and movie rental area, well equipped with the lastest anime and asian movies. This joint also had it’s own photobooth! As my friend said, “It’s not corny, it’s culture.” It was also very odd that the bathrooms were located outside of the vacinity and customers had to request a key, sort of like a gas station. But enough about the environment, what I was really here for was the tea!

Tea ‘N’ More had the everyday tea variety (strawberry, lychee, passion fruit, mango, etc.), but you had the choice between green or black tea! The kind ladies suggested green tea with enthusiasm as I ordered my mango iced tea with mango jelly.

The first sip of the mango iced tea was quite delightful, although shockingly sweet. The sweetness was a bit much for my taste, but after the ice melted somewhat and diluted the drink, the tea was perfect. As I slurped to the very bottom of the plastic cup, I was suprised to see that the mango jelly was cut out in shape of STARS! This only added to my enjoyment of the tea (a good commercial move on their part).

Overall, Tea N More has been the best tea house I’ve been too because of its comfort and abundance. The tea was like any other tea except for the novel touch of star jellies.

I give this one thumbs up!

Taste: 6/10

This is Susan in for Oh-So Yummy Reviews saying “Mahalo.”

Tea N More
7380 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
Ste 120
San Diego CA 92111
(858) 571-2926

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