Mr. Moto Pizza House in Point Loma - San Diego, CA

Mr. Moto Pizza House is a popular New York style pizza parlour that has its roots in Pacific Beach. The business expansion has brought about a third restaurant into San Diego which recently opened in Point Loma. I've previously tried their original location so knew this media visit would be tasty!

selection of fresh pizzas from Mr Moto Pizza in Point Loma

The restaurant had just opened at 11am on a Sunday so there was a full display of pizzas to choose from. Pick a PIE! Any PIE! I think there were twelve total to choose from (a few were in progress). Other options include pasta and salad, exhibited to the right in a refrigerated display.

Garlic knots at Mr Moto Pizza in Point Loma

One thing we had to eat were their garlic knots. Look at that beautiful crust and seasoning. I must declare that these are AMAZING, warm, doughy delights in your mouth. But wait...

Garlic knots at Mr Moto Pizza in Point Loma

They also have STUFFED garlic knots! Here's a peek at our pepperoni and jalapeno stuffed ones compared to the third regular garlic know. I rather enjoyed the mini calzone bite of pepperoni and super cheesiness. Likewise, the jalapeno gives a subtle hint of spice without any additional grease. All of these taste fab dipped into their house marinara sauce.

order of fresh pizzas from Mr Moto Pizza in Point Loma

Now let's get down to the meat of it... pizza time! Here's one of our orders of three slices. Each slice is approximately 1/8 of the full pizza size. I believe Mr. Moto said the pizza a la carte was a little bigger than the ones you ordered by the pie. These are New York style pizzas so you'll get the thin crust.

Mamma Moto pizza slice at Mr Moto Pizza in Point Loma

Let's get a little closer... my favorite of all was the Mamma Moto flavor. This pizza felt decadent because it had mascarpone cheese, burrata and truffle oil! There's a subtle garlic tang to it and the flavors melded well together. My preference is savory without the oiliness, which was what I got here!

For the dough, there was a gentle crisp to the crust with a nice chew to the underside. It had a solid base that was easy enough to bend inward onto itself (depending on how you like to eat it). These seemed baked consistently as we received 2-3 slices at a time.

Mr Moto pizza slice at Mr Moto Pizza in Point Loma    

Mr. Moto had a pizza named after him! I can only assume that this is a favorite combination. The Mr. Moto ingredients included italian sausage, meatball, fresh mozzarella, and marinara dots. Dennis enjoyed this meaty one the most. The meatballs were soft and crumbly while the little sausages gave it some fennel flair.

Mamma Mia slice at Mr Moto Pizza in Point Loma

Next was the Mamma Mia slice with spinach and pepperoni. I feel like I'm naming a whole family here with all the mammas and motos so far! The spinach dominated the flavor while the thin, almost translucent pepperoni added the glorious guttonous grease. We both felt a little heavy after finishing off this slice! *waddle waddle*

Chicken Pesto slice at Mr Moto Pizza in Point Loma

Items with pesto always temp us... Ok Chicken Pesto, you're up next! The moist chicken was a success, and especially finger-licking good paired with caramelized onions. Overall this combo was a bit too oily so we dabbed a napkin to tone it down.

California Love slice at Mr Moto Pizza in Point Loma

My second favorite slice was the California Love with bacon, chicken and homemade ranch. THIS could be your white sauce pizza love. I adored how light the ranch was drizzled, allowing the tender chicken pieces and little nibs of bacon to shine.

BBQ Chicken Roasted Corn slice at Mr Moto Pizza in Point Loma

There's even a pizza of the month, with September's pick being BBQ Chicken and Roasted Corn. I'm a fan of southwestern style food so was curious about the additional feta and red bell pepper. The finisher was a drizzle of barbecue sauce, kind of a molasses quality to complement the sweet corn. I can totally see us creating a similar pie during one of our make-your-own-pizza nights! It must be addicting to create your own masterpiece!

side dining area of Mr Moto Pizza in Point Loma

The restaurant is very cozy with its brick and wood decor. I'm a fan of the giant, simple pizza pan signage inside. The place is certainly family friendly too and there is bound to be a pizza flavor to your liking, if not multiple!

newest location opened for Mr Moto Pizza in Point Loma

Parking around here wasn't difficult for an early weekend lunch and I recognized the surrounding streets due to Taste of Point Loma and a visit to Old Venice Restaurant about 1-2 blocks away. We used to like our local spot Best Pizza and Brew but their reheated pizzas just haven't been the same quality. Now we're just waiting for a Mr. Moto Pizza to open closer to home! *hint hint* ;)

Disclaimer: We were invited to dine here and our meal was complimentary. We were not otherwise compensated and all opinions stated are our own.

Mr. Moto Pizza (Point Loma)
1180 Rosecrans Street
San Diego CA 92106
(619) 501-8488

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Nicole @ Foodie Loves Fitness's picture
Submitted by Nicole @ Foodie... (not verified) on Wed, 10/24/2018 - 5:48pm

That Mamma Moto slice sounds so good! I grew up in Jersey and thought that pizza parlors everywhere had their slices on display, and then when I moved around and got to San Diego, I was surprised that most places don't display their pies. Being able to check out the options with your eyes and picking your slices is the best!

lynn's picture
Submitted by lynn on Wed, 10/24/2018 - 5:57pm

it's almost shocking how different food is depending on the community/area! i've heard people missing foods like california burritos, cheesesteaks, asian food, southern, bbq, whatever the specialty of another area is!

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