MishMash in Barrio Logan of San Diego

The sliders from MishMash were excellent during San Diego Burger Week so a revisit was in the works, plus I had some giftcards to burn from my burger week win. One lazy weekend, we drove out to Barrio Logan for lunch and found parking across the street from the restaurant. The weather was still quite warm so we chose indoor seating over the blue umbrella patio seating.

bar seating at MishMash

The bar inside MishMash includes a few taps from Iron Fist Brewery next door. I heard that you could also order food from here while at the brewery. What a convenient partnership!

MishMash in Barrio Logan of San Diego

We quickly looked over the menu and put in our order. Here's a top down shot of our meal. Not as fancy as my Duck Dive overhead shot but I'm still working on my food styling skills.

michelada at MishMash

Michelada $6

Dennis tried to order ginger beer from a tap (if available) but somehow we received this michelada instead. The waitress raved how these drinks were specially made in house so we decided to give it a shot anyway. Unfortunately we didn't like the strange spicy taste AT ALL. Two friends joined us mid-meal to hang out but they weren't fans either...  it sat lonely in a corner for the rest of the meal.

MishMash burger with sirloin fries

MishMash Burger $12 upgraded with sirloin fries +$5

This burger was huge with a 1/2 pound patty. The meat was very soft but cooked through and flavorful yet a little bit salty. The fluffy bun got soaked in egg juices but still held everything together. Dennis thoroughly enjoyed the glorious meat shreds and gravy over the side of fries but I still prefer mine without sauce. The fries themselves were a bit on the thick side and less salted. I'm curious how much bigger the fries would be as a full order.

pork belly bites at Mish Mash

Pork Belly Bites ($10)

The pork skins were slit prior to cooking which gave a little extra crunch of broiled pork fat. This pork belly reminded us of chinese roasted pork in little bite size pieces. The side of brussel sprouts still had some firm bite to them and were seasoned without being too oily. This whole dish was more to Dennis's preferences than mine. We mentally planned to try a few other suggested items for our next visit but in the meantime, spent the rest of the meal catching up with our friends.

Comicon themed hostess stand at MishMash

Comicon themed menu at MishMash

We returned a few weeks later around Comicon and noticed a new temporary menu was up - comic book style! Our pre-planned food ideas for this trip were thwarted though, requiring some deciphering between previously ordered items and new ones.

wonton fish tacos at MishMash

Wonton Fish Tacos $11

Our eyes widened at this monstrous sized dish, titled "Mysterio" Wonton Tacos just for comicon. The pacific red snapper was nicely seasoned and topped a fun wonton shell filled with arugula, pineapple, avocado, and cabbage. Make sure not to wait too long or else the wonton will no longer be crisp. I had sprinkled extra lime on the rice and Dennis unknowingly commented about how he enjoyed the citrus taste! It's perfect as a light summer meal other than the massive amounts of rice you get!

medianoche cuban sandwich at MishMash

Medianoche ($14), i.e., Cuban Sandwich

For Comicon, this sandwich was renamed Dark Phoenix! We were told that this cuban sandwich was not the same as a cubano. A special traditional type of cuban bread was used that gave it a slightly sweeter kind of taste. The perfectly toasted flat bread encased thin ham and pork pieces and was balanced out with mustard and pickles. In addition there was a special creamy cilantro sauce that Dennis enjoyed, making this combo one of his favorite sandwiches.

plantains at MishMash

On the side were fried plantain chips which Dennis liked as well. He made good use of that sauce here too.

MishMash burger

My brother got the Thanos Burger, which was really the MishMash burger in disquise. He was nice enough to share half of it with us. There was more goat cheese than Dennis preferred so I got to eat the majority of our half. THANK YOU. Still juicy and yummy as before but still a little salty.

dessert at MishMash

We finished off our meal with some kind of brownie dessert in a tall mason jar. The extremely hot jar required special tactical moves to get the goods! The best strategy was to dip straight down or scrape against the edges but without touching the glass! We showed off our skills but probably should have just asked for an oven mitt. The marshmellow on top was lightly toasted and sprinkled with sea salt! The sticky marshmellow ended up over everyone's lips so we just tried licking the delicousness off. =)

wall art at MishMash

MishMash has some badass wall art as well as some badass burgers. I think those are the winners here, if the cooks go lighter on the salt. And that brewery next door will be part of my next visit as well!

1985 National Ave #1133
San Diego CA 92113
(619) 955-8544

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Jinxi's picture
Submitted by Jinxi (not verified) on Tue, 10/25/2016 - 6:42pm

I wonder what's the difference between the Cuban sandwich and a cubano haha. I like the overhead shot! :)

lynn's picture
Submitted by lynn on Wed, 10/26/2016 - 12:05pm

hmm google seems to indicate they are the same plus the night version is called medianoche? our server had mentioned the bread being different.

thanks jinxi! i tend to do more symmetrical overhead shots but gotta get comfortable with cropping some day!

Conor@OvenCleanTeam's picture
Submitted by Conor@OvenCleanTeam (not verified) on Wed, 10/26/2016 - 4:45am

The MishMash burger looks like one of those things you'd gladly eat on the cost of 3 days in the gym after. If this was real life I wouldn't have been able to say the whole first sentence of my post before starting to gulp on my own saliva :((( I'm so happy for you and yet jealous!

:Conor (the C of my name is also a sad face emoticon)

lynn's picture
Submitted by lynn on Thu, 10/27/2016 - 9:09am

half pound burgers are not for diets! glad i'm not on one! :)

Soo@hungryones.com's picture
Submitted by Soo@hungryones.com (not verified) on Sat, 10/29/2016 - 8:36am

Good looking burgers! I'd probably get the Thanos burger...

lynn's picture
Submitted by lynn on Mon, 11/07/2016 - 1:16pm

don't ask for it by that name though! that was the special title for comic con! it is actually the original mishmash burger. =D

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