Before heading to the airport for Thanksgiving travel, Dennis and I stopped by a new breakfast place to review: Kono’s at PB, all the way at the end of Garnet Ave.

Kono's Cafe Egg Burrito #3

Egg Burrito #3 (4.25). This huge burrito has eggs, bacon, cheese, potatoes, and pica sauce in flour tortilla. The other variations 1,2, and 4 mainly differ by meat. Instead of a thicker mashed potato that I was expecting, I found that they actually use smaller potato wedges. Other than the sections that had too much potato, the burrito was decent and very filling! Egg burritos are not for those on a diet, especially with the size and amount of eggs required for one.

Kono's Cafe Mexi Burger

Mexi Burger (5.75) and fries (1.50). This burger has avocado, jalapeno & the works. Danh thought this burger was great, although taking the first bite was no easy feat with the size and slippery ingredients like tomatos wanting to slide out. The fries were perfectly crisp and so freshly hot. I’m not a big fan of thick potato fries (I’m a picky eater), but these were delightful and not too thick.

The wait for the food was only about 10 minutes and they had three patios to choose from for outside dining. The closest one to the beach has a nice view of the pier. The servers who brought out the meals search all three areas to match orders with customers. Think about the great exercise they must get working here! =)

Kono's Cafe
704 Garnet Ave
Pacific Beach CA 92109
(858) 483-1669

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