Hula Hut

Lynn and I were on our trip to see the capital building and museum in Austin, Texas. After exploring these historical sites, we got really hungry and headed out to Lake Austin for some grub!

Tortilla Chips

Upon sitting down and greeting us, our waiter brought out two super sized cups of water (about 40oz or so) and a basket of fresh homemade tortilla chips! Yummm… Those chips were still very warm and crunchy. Unlike most other places, these chips were extremely thin such that they were almost translucent!

Huli Huli Luau Platter

Huli Huli Luau Platter $22

We thought about ordering individual items at first but nothing on the menu looked interesting or appetizing. The only two things that stood out was the Huli Huli Platter and the Polynesian Pescado Platter. Our waiter said that the Huli Huli would feed easily fill two to three people and that the Polynesian platter was not as filling, but equally good.

OMFG. This plate is huge! Its about the size of a medium or large pizza (the knife was propped above the food for length comparative purposes). Whats included in this platter are “a half rack of B.B.Q. baby back ribs, four grilled chicken nachos, two B.B.Q. chicken tacos, four crisp chicken flautas, Hula Hut chopped salad, papas asadas & chile con queso with chips.”

The B.B.Q chicken tacos and crisp chicken flautas were our favorite. They were especially tasty when dipped in that orange colored sauce (unknown!). The grilled chicken nachos were average. I think T.G.I.F. has a similar item on their appetizer menu. The salad was a bit uneven. The further you get towards the bottom, the more heavy the salad sauce gets, which was just too much. The potato were okay. They are much better than the ones at Hash House (^_^). Last but not least, the B.B.Q. baby back ribs were perfect. They were so tender that you can easily shred them with a fork. Yippee!

Hula Hut
3825 Lake Austin Blvd.
Austin TX 78703
(512) 476-4852

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