Celadon has moved to a new location! It is now in Hillcrest near Hash House a go go. It has a very different feel. Less Thai. Much more modern. Very LA or NYC metro with its black and white color scheme. (But, it also reminds me of See’s Candies. I kept waiting for the samples, but they never came… They never came!)

Stuffed Chicken Wings

We started off with their stuffed chicken wings. I liked the difference between the crispy fried chicken on the outside and the soft minced chicken on the inside.

Dave says: “A good appetizer. A fair-sized portion. Tasty sweet and sour sauce. The noodles inside gave it a different texture compared to your typical chicken wings.”

Pineapple Fried Rice

The entrees are served family style. The Pineapple Fried Rice lacked some good pineapple. The pineapple wasn’t sweet. It wasn’t even recognizable as pineapple, but I still like the dish. One of my all time faves at Celadon. The chicken is moist and tender.

Dave says: “I was a little disappointed by the pineapple fried rice. I’ve had this dish once before at another restaurant and this one didn’t measure up. I’m not sure if it was the dish itself or if it was the fact that the pineapple they used was very bland (out of season maybe). I might give it a second chance when I go back, but it’s not something I’d go out of my way to order.”

Drunken Noodles

The Drunken Noodles are also very good. Not too spicy, but just enough… I like the big flat noodles and the shrimp were gigantic!

Dave says: “The drunken noodles were delicious. Definitely my favorite of the three. Excellent sauce, tasty noodles, and a good portion of shrimp. This is one of those dishes where my mouth kept saying, “More!” but my stomach kept saying, “Are you serious?! There’s no more room down here!”

Dave says: “I enjoyed the decor. Like Cathy says, it’s a little too See’s Candy-ish, but still an elegant place. Service was great. The food presentation was good as well. Probably the only thing I didn’t like about the experience was the weak spot in the floor behind my chair. Every time someone went by, it felt like a mini-earthquake just for me. But hey, I’ve grown up in California and I’m used to it.”


This restaurant has closed.

3671 5th Avenue
San Diego CA 92101
(619) 297-THAI

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