During a birthday month, we eat LOTS of food. Benihana is one of our go-to restaurants because members of the Chef's table get up to $30 toward your meal! This time, my family was visiting town so we had dinner to celebrate both my mom's and my birthday!

Benihana - miso soup

We were seated at one of the 'fun' tables that includes the chef show. We've all seen it before but it's still entertaining because it's a little cheesy. With each entree, we are first served warm miso soup. The waiter takes care of this because the chefs don't come out until a little later.

Benihana - salad

This is followed by salad. Nearing the bottom, you begin to see how much dressing has soaked to the bottom...

Benihana - Hibachi Chicken Rice

After appetizers, our chef arrived and did his thing, served us sauted veggies, some shrimp, and of course prepared the hibachi chicken rice. It's almost $4 extra per bowl but it just tastes better! We usually split one anyway. Surprisingly, with all the extra goodies we get before our entrees, we were beginning to fill our bellies fast!

Benihana - Hibachi Salmon with Avocado Tartar Sauce

For the main course, Dennis chose the Hibachi Salmon with Avocado Tartar Sauce cooked semi-rare. As soon as the chef pulled out this large piece of salmon, I thought he would cut it up into three pieces for the other two dishes but it was a serving for ONE! The salmon cooked this way was ok but it was definitely better fully cooked with some browning. This was served with udon noodles and everything is prepared with lots of garlic butter!

Benihana - Hibachi Mango Salmon

I chose the Hibachi Mango Salmon, which also had a sizeable piece but maybe only 2/3 the size of Dennis's. The mango salsa was a bit acidic for me although the mango pieces themselves were firm and a bit tart. I didn't really like the sweet potato that came with the dish but the fish was decent.

Benihana - green tea ice cream

To finish, the waiters come out and sing happy birthday to you.. with a scoop of ice cream! We always select green tea because it is the best flavor! Then the staff took a group birthday photo and brought us a printout to take home. Happy birthday to us! Until next year...

477 Camino Del Rio S
San Diego CA 92108
(619) 298-4666

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Faye's picture
Submitted by Faye (not verified) on Mon, 12/30/2013 - 10:45am

I just went to Benihana's for lunch and loved it!! I posted about it a few weeks ago and have been thinking about revisiting. I heard about their amazing bday deals and signed up for it. I recently received an email from them saying that it's no longer entirely free? You must bring a paying guest with you now. Something like that. Regardless, I'd still go! I love love love their garlic butter chicken fried rice :)

dennis's picture
Submitted by dennis on Tue, 12/31/2013 - 8:15pm

We used to use the free birthday meal during happy hour so that the other diner could get discounted sushi and drinks. Too bad they changed their policy but never the less its still a great promo!

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