Alejandro’s Mexican Food

It was getting late and I was at my Cliffs of Insanity… it was dark and cold… I had been talking to Michelle for like an hour and decided that it was time to get some food. Late nights have always screamed mexican food since my TWE days, but I wanted to try something different, so I drove around the streets of La Jolla, past my beloved John Muir College, past Tioga Hall… I saw Croutons, but kept driving. I drove through Miramar and ended up in Mira Mesa. I thought about Spices Thai Cafe (coconut ice cream!) and the Sorrento European Bakery (cheesecake on a stick!)… both good, but I kept driving and ended up at Alejandro’s Mexican Food anyway!

There are usually a few people eating in the outside covered seating area. Most customers use one of the two drive thru’s. Yes, two!

burrito1.jpg burrito2.jpg

I ordered my usual chicken burrito ($2.99).

Sometimes, you want the fillers… rice, cheese, beans,… and sometimes, you just want meat! In this case, it’s all chicken! Lots of chicken… in a yummy sauce with a hint of tomato. And I love the warm flour tortilla  This is a place that you come for the food, not really the atmosphere or the presentation… just good mexican food =)

Taste: 8/10

Service: 3/5

Presentation: 3/5

Total: 14/20

Alejandro’s Mexican Food (Mira Mesa)
8110 Mira Mesa Boulevard
San Diego CA 92126
(858) 578-1770

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dennis's picture
Submitted by dennis on Sun, 08/20/2006 - 11:30pm

I thought this was a bit oily for my taste. If they cut that back a little, it would be fine.

bolo's picture
Submitted by bolo (not verified) on Fri, 07/27/2007 - 1:43am

yours was only 2.99?! I just got a chicken burrito from them earlier and was charged 4.60!? I could’ve sworn the menu said 3.50…was gonna turn around n say something but was too eager to get home and eat already. For that much I could’ve gotten a california at robertos or super sergios.

bolo's picture
Submitted by bolo (not verified) on Fri, 07/27/2007 - 1:53am

Note to all people in the area even thinking about eating at Alejandro’s….don’t waste your time&Money! Just go the extra mile down to a Robertos on Miramar, and if you don’t feel like standing around for yor order..hit up the Super sergios drive through on convoy. If you’re in the area and it isnt too late(before 11pm)hit up El Patron off Mira Mesa Blvd. in the Ralphs shopping center..grab a Grande or El patron burrito…you’ll love it and have leftovers Alejandro’s has offically been blacklisted.

Can’t forget about the 2 Cotixans in clairmont either…drive through on claremont mesa blvd. is only 24 hrs on the weekend tho…you really get your moneys worth though. If any of you moderators get a chicken burrito at alejandro’s again..let me know how much they charged you(sure its just spare chump change, but still…pisses me off). Maybe they overcharged me just for being a dude, and asian.

cathytran's picture
Submitted by cathytran on Sun, 09/09/2007 - 8:21am


i bought the chicken burrito almost one year ago and yes, it was $2.99 then. i just went yesterday, it’s now $3.50. with tax, they charged me $3.75. i don’t know why they don’t like you.

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