Ortega's Patio

A couple weekends ago we drove down to Puerto Nuevo for lunch and to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Local lobster season just ended a few days ago but the restaurants in Puerto Nuevo serve them year-round. There are lots of places in the neighborhood to choose from but we went with Ortega’s Patio, one of the nicer spots, with a beautiful ocean view patio. They started us off with piping hot chips and two kinds of salsa.



The fresh salsa was so amazingly delicious, I could have eaten it with a spoon. I’ve been mixing up salsas at home since then but I haven’t yet found the right combination. Of course, no meal in Mexico is complete without margaritas, especially double margaritas that come in fishbowl-sized goblets.


Three of us split a huge 3 pound lobster, which is first boiled and then grilled to succulent perfection. The lobster meal also came with delicious tortilla soup, rice, beans and tender, crepe-like homemade tortillas. We had fun making little tacos out of all the components. It took us a while to finish those huge margaritas so we enjoyed the sunny patio and the waterfront views while savoring every last drop and morsel.

Ortega's Patio
Km 49
Puerto Nuevo BCN

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