The Tilted Kilt

Another favorite place to eat in downtown San Diego for obvious reasons... awesome garlic fries! =)

Today my friends and I ordered the Longshanks Sausage Sandwich, “The most ruthless sandwich you’ll ever eat.” But was it? Maybe...

Longshanks Sausage Sandwich

The Longshanks Sandwich has sausage, peppers, provologne cheese, onions and a side of fries (you can substitute for garlic fries). It was pretty good about halfway through but the sausage gets to you. Its slightly juicy when you first bite into it but theres a strange dryness at the same time. Its as if you become dehydrated as you eat this. I like the BBQ Bacon Burger instead. That one has cheddar cheese, onion rings and a tangy bbq sauce. Yum!

Danny Boy’s Shepherds Pie

Christina ordered the Danny Boy’s Shepherds Pie (half amount shown). I can’t recall how this tasted but it was probably tasty. The camera flash makes it look liquidy but its quite firm. The garlic bread is like any other.

The Tilted Kilt
310 10th Ave.
San Diego CA 92101
(619) 814-5458

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