Corvette Diner

I like turkey burgers and shakes.  I like Ruby's Diner in Mission Valley, but what they don't have is servers in big wigs who have choreographed dances and a live DJ!  I went on Valentine's Day and that was a mistake.  The restaurant was packed with families and kids' birthday parties.  Our party of two had to wait 45 minutes for a table.  Larger parties were told up to 2 hours!

Peppermint Smoothie and Oreo Mint Shake

I ordered the Peppermint Smoothie (about $5) - "a refreshing peppermint shake"...  When it was first delivered, I thought there was a mistake.  I thought it was a vanilla shake.  It was a light yellow color and I was expecting pink.  But when I took a sip, it was more like an Altoid shake!  Not bad at all, just stronger than I expected.

C ordered the Oreo Mint Shake (about $5).  Again, not what I expected.  I was thinking they used mint Oreos, but they use regular Oreos mixed with a mint flavoring.  Still good, until you get to the bottom and find the bigger cookie chunks, then it's just like eating cookies that are a little soggy.

Corvette Wings

We split the Corvette Wings ($8.50) - "comes with celery sticks, hot sauce, and our 'anti-freeze' dip served on the side."  The fried wings are really good without any of the sauces.  Nice and crunchy.  I like the idea of "on the side" so you can have as much or as little hot sauce as you want.

Buffalo Blues Burger and Fries

C dined on the Buffalo Blues Burger ($9.50) - "spicy buffalo sauce, crumbles of real blue cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion," at least that's what I think he ordered.

Hawaii 5-0 Turkey Burger and Fries

My Hawaii 5-0 Turkey Burger ($8.99) was very juicy and delicious!  It comes with "a grilled slice of pineapple, lettuce, tomato, onion, and our special teriyaki sauce."

Our meal ended with Bazooka bubble gum being thrown on our table.  This place is definitely kid friendly!  There's a balloon guy who travels from table to table, working for tips.  I saw him do something pretty cool, something I haven't seen before...  a monkey mask!  Yup, it was a giant monkey head that fit on the kid's head.  I also saw a balloon bicycle!  You can also try requesting your favorite oldies song or make a dedication to your special someone.  This is definitely a fun place!

Corvette Diner
3946 Fifth Ave
San Diego CA
(619) 542-1476

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