Tea Station

On my way home from LA, I was getting super tired, so I decided to stop by the Irvine Spectrum Center hoping to find a Starbucks, but they had a Tea Station instead, so I decided to try something different…

Lavender Milk Tea

Lavender Milk Tea ($4.15) - First of all, it is a very HOT drink. I had to wait an hour before I could drink it. (Yup, I was already home by then…) But, it was so good! I was kind of surprised, too. I’ve never tried milk tea before and when I took off the lid to take a look, it didn’t look so good. Kind of muddy. It had an almost cinnamon-y taste to it. A nice treat for cold days! Delicious!

Tea Station
73 Fortune Drive #101
Irvine Spectrum Center
Irvine CA 92618
(949) 788-9986

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