Tapena Meetup at Costa Brava on August 30 2012

On Thursday we drove out to Pacific Beach for a Tapena's meetup at Costa Brava, not knowing what to expect. What we found  was a bustling restaurant, their outdoor patio filled with chattering patrons. The wonderful Ruben and Ghali, part of the restaurant waitstaff, were pouring samples of Tapena wines for tasting.

Tapena Wines at Costa Brava with waiters Ruben and Ghali
Dennis and I were able to try six of them, introduced by number only. I liked #2 the best, which turned out to be Gloria Ferrer Va De Vi, a sparkling wine made of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay with just a trace of Muscat. Dennis enjoyed #6, which was Tapena Garnacha, a red wine. The others included #1 Gloria Ferrer Sonoma Brut, #3 Tapena Rose, #4 Tapena Verdejo and #5 Tapena Tempranillo. The Tapena wines are part of the Ferrer family. We also met with Janet and Cindy from Tapena's Wines to hear about their company and what the culture of Spain was like. It makes you want to move to SPAIN to enjoy the good life (or live it out here). Their website also has some fun facts about Spanish culture if you are interested!
Tapena Wines at Costa Brava oh so yummy style
Costa Brava restaurant is the perfect example of Spanish culture. The waiters were more intimate, as if talking to close friends or family and really made the restaurant feel personal. It definitely gave us a craving to visit Spain for future travels!
We were super excited when the tapas came out for sampling:
Costa Brava Serrano Ham Appetizer
Jamon Serrano (Serrano Ham)
Apparently this thinly sliced dry cured tapa is peeled from the plate, sometimes rolled up, and can be fed from above like grapes to a greek god/goddess. How fun and tasty!
Costa Brava Alioli Escargo
Caracoles al Alioli (Aioli Escargo)
We're still a little new to escargo so hopefully we'll develope a taste for this...
Costa Brava Lamb Skewers
Pinchitos Morunos (Lamb Skewers)
These could have been a little more tender but it was still a nice dish to try.
Costa Brava Spicy Potatoes
Potatas a la Brava (Spicy Potatoes)
Usually when you get potatoes it is just filler food but Dennis thought these potatoes are addictive!  These have a really nice crispness and hot steamy insides, plus the sauce itself was not so crazy rich mayo based but had subtle spice to it. You can just keep eating it constantly.. until they are ALL GONE!
Costa Brava Chorizo
We couldn't remember the name of this one but there are only three chorizo appetizers on the menu so just pick one or describe to the waiter for these sliced minis. These were so easy to pop into the mouth and the sear on most of these made the taste stand out. We just might have to order this every time we come!
Costa Brava Manchego Cheese Appetizer
Queso Manchego (Manchego Cheese)
It's a nice firm cheese that you can eat by itself and doesn't require companions like bread.
Costa Brava Marinated Octopus
Pulpo a la Vinagreta (Marinated Octopus)
This one was surprisingly not so chewy as most octopus that we've tasted and left us with a better impression of what could be done with this type of seafood!
We also tried the Champinones a la Vinagreta (marinated mushrooms) which were cute as a button (mushroom), a soft kind of firm and fresh simple taste. No picture though, sorry!
These tapas range between 3.95 to 12.50 each and were delightful! We can see why the restaurant gets so busy and even the people we met at the meetup raved about how they loved coming here often. I think we'll have to come out again for wines and tapas with some of our friends for a nice evening out!
For more information about Tapena wines, visit: http://www.tapenawines.com/
For more information about Costa Brava, visit: http://www.costabravasd.com/
Disclaimer: we were hosted for this meal (through the wine company, not the restaurant) but the opinions are strictly our own.

Costa Brava
1653 Garnet Ave
San Diego CA 92109
(858) 273-1218

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Stephanie, The Recipe Renovator's picture
Submitted by Stephanie, The ... (not verified) on Mon, 09/30/2013 - 12:50pm

We loved our 2 days in Spain. I had no idea there is a tapas restaurant in PB. Will have to check it out!

Brandon @ Kitchen Konfidence's picture
Submitted by Brandon @ Kitch... (not verified) on Mon, 09/30/2013 - 2:13pm

Everything looks sooo good!  I rarely cook Spanish food at home - I prefer to go out and enjoy it.  I'm going to have to check this place out.

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