Tan Ky Mi Gia

After having a business brunch with Hai, we decided to actually go and eat something somewhere else. We originally decided to goto the banh mi shop near Big Lots but changed our minds and ate at Tan Ky Mi Gia instead.

Much to my suprise, the noodle menu did not offer fried shrimp! I was very saddened…

Tan Ky Mi Gia - Rice Noodles

And so I ordered the Wonton rice noodle soup (~$5.00), served dry. But the way they make the rice noodles is not how i usually have them. Usually when I order them, they are much thinner and more translucent. These noodles on the otherhand were very thick and didnt soak up the rich flavor of the sauce at the bottom of the bowl.

Tan Ky Mi Gia - Wonton and BBQ Pork

The soup was pretty good and the wontons were tasty. There was two types in my bowl. One type was the normal kind that they serve and the second type was twice the normal size! Too crazy, but I managed to finish it all. The pork meat that came with it was good too.

Tan Ky Mi Gia - Wonton rice noodle soup

Hai ordered the same thing, but with egg noodles served with the soup. I think his egg noodles would have tasted better than my rice noodles.

Tan Ky Mi Gia
9330 Mira Mesa Blvd #A
San Diego CA 92126

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