Pho Hoa

Com Tam Bi Cha Thit Nuong w/ soup.

#27. Com Tam Bi Cha Thit Nuong w/ soup.

In my experience, the food at Pho Hoa are always delivered within minutes of their order. I don’t think I have ever waited for more than three minutes at the table. Sometimes when I order a bowl of Pho, they bring it out within one minute! Oh my.

Now, you might think that if a restaurant serves their food out that fast, then the quality is no good. Or the food is premade and has been sitting around. Well, this is not the case. Pho Hoa specializes in only a handfull of Vietnamese Cuisines and thus are able to constantly pump out the food. Sorta like how In-n-out has only one burger but with a few variances to it.

Pho Hoa is just another typical Vietnamese restaurant to me. Theres nothing in particular that stands out about this place, but whenever I’m in Linda Vista, this is the place I like to go.

Today’s order, Broken rice with vegetables, egg, bbq pork, and soup. Tastes fine to me, and the portions are great. But the soup tastes a bit off. And as always, I end my meal with a cold can of Sunkist! (if available). Whoot!

Pho Hoa
6921 Linda Vista Rd
San Diego CA 92111
(858) 492 -9108

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