Studio Diner

It was just another Sunday at UTC. I had rushed back from LA to hang out with Jodie, Tommy, Tia Mowry, and the guys of Veronica Mars (Jason Dohring, Percy Daggs, and Ryan Hansen). After talking to Ryan (my new BFF!) about the Studio Diner, Jodie suggested that we have lunch there and since I had never been there before, I was all for it! Especially since it’s one of the filming locations used for Veronica Mars and well… you know me. (It’s located right next to Stu Segall Productions.)

Upon walking in, you’re greeted with a mock director’s chair and a sign that says “Please, no autographs.” I guess because this diner is open 24 hours and its close proximity to SSP, some of their stars and crew have dined here. You will also find other props throughout the diner. You can sit at a table/booth or at the counter.

Their menu carries their show business theme. I ordered from their “Let’s Do Lunch” section. I tried the number one item on their Diner Menu Top 10 - the Grip Burger ($6.95). But, of course, I wanted the “stand-in” turkey and I had the studio fries instead of the side salad. You can also select from a bunch of different cheeses and I ordered jack!

This turkey burger was juicy and delicious. Probably one of the best that I’ve ever had. Unfortunately, the fries were a little too done for my tastes and they weren’t salty enough.

Overall, I’d definitely come back again. Our waitress was great. She brought over another iced tea without me asking (my first one was only half finished).

Stop on by! Day or night! And who knows? Maybe you’ll even see a celebrity =) Oh, and if you check out their website, you’ll find a coupon for 10% off, but make sure you read the fine print.

Studio Diner
4701 Ruffin Road
San Diego CA 92123
(858) 715-6400

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